Pregnancy Checklist: 8 Must-Dos When Preparing for Your Newborn


When preparing for a new bundle of joy to enter your life, the electric anticipation that swirls in the air is a feeling like no other. Whether it is your first or your fifth child, it is always helpful to take time to focus and make a plan for their arrival so that when the time comes, you’re fully prepared!

With our 8 must-dos for preparing for your newborn baby, you’ll feel ready, stress-free, and excited!

1. Purchase a Nursery Glider or Rocker

Comfort is of utmost importance for mothers, new or old. With a lovely glider or rocker in your nursery to lounge in, you and your baby will be happy and cozy whether you are breastfeeding, burping, or putting them to sleep. Not sure what glider or rocker is best for moms of newborns? Here are the top 10 recommendations for you.

2. Purchase a Changing Table

It is essential to have a spot to change your baby that you are comfortable with and that will withstand getting a little messy. A changing table allows you to store wipes and other items as well as provide a safe place to change your baby’s diaper. Having a changing table purchased and built before the baby comes will save a lot of time!

3. Purchase a Car Seat

Selecting a car seat is a serious endeavor. Making sure you thoroughly search to find the right one for your car and your baby’s safety is a must. Some stores will even fit your car seat for you according to safety regulations. Don’t leave this till the last minute!

4. Have a Feeding Plan

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or both, it is important to do your research and make the best decision for you. Too often, women feel pressured into choosing a feeding option that might not be right for them or their child. There is no wrong way to go, but taking the time to figure out your preferred method and learning about both breastfeeding and bottle feeding is worthwhile in your preparation.

5. Understand Things Might Not Go According to Plan

Whether it is breastfeeding, the timing, or anything else; preparing for newborns and giving birth in general are unpredictable events. Having backup plans to make you feel good should something come from left-field may ease some stress in an already stressful situation. Expecting the unexpected, having some contingency plans, and accepting that things may not go as planned are essential to feeling happy and relaxed around the time of your baby’s arrival.

6. Have Baby Clothes Ready

Nothing is more fun than dressing your little bundle of joy (except doing it for the third time in one day…). Having an adorable wardrobe all stocked and ready to go not only makes you feel prepared but is also a super fun pursuit. Since your child will most likely go through multiple outfits a day, why not make all the clothes stylish, cute, and cozy?

7. Fix Up Your Home

Now is the time to make sure your home is in tip-top shape for your little one. Babyproofing is a must! After they enter the world, you may not have the time to truly dedicate to the project. Be sure to be proactive and prepared, although your nesting period has probably covered this!

8. Find a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician for your newborn is also a vital task that deserves your full time and attention. Ensure you take the necessary time to make phone calls and find a well-rated doctor you trust and respect.

Bottom Line:

With your bump growing bigger and bigger, the excitement of motherhood is something to be celebrated! With these 8 newborn preparation must-dos, you’ll feel great and can focus on enjoying the end of your pregnancy.

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8 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Sharp on a Budget


If you settle into a hectic routine with plenty of work and social demands, it’s likely you’re going to get worn down. It is so important to keep your mind and body sharp during stressful periods, but it’s never an option for busy people to wind down and stop all activities.

Instead, of changing your lifestyle drastically, you can focus on keeping your mind and body stress-free with these eight affordable and easy tips. We hope you enjoy!

1. Do Yoga

Nothing relaxes and stimulates your mind and body quite like yoga. Focusing on peaceful stretching and purposeful poses, this popular form of exercise promotes brainpower as well as muscle power.

Did you know yoga does not exclusively happen on a yoga matt on the ground? There are many fun forms that can revitalize your body in ways you never thought possible.

We recommend Aerial Yoga to those really wanting to whip their mind and body into shape and have a great time doing so! Get yourself a yoga trapeze stand and have a relaxing time doing yoga in the air — this is the best way to change up your routine if you get sick of the classic poses.

2. Practice Meditation

Meditation is a form of mindfulness that has been practiced for centuries. Although meditation is mostly motionless, it improves your energy, focus, and puts your mind and body in the present.

Turn your phone off and prepare to meditate with deep, slow, conscious breathing. Pair this work with your yoga routine, and you’ll be amazed at how present you feel.

3. Use Essential Oils

Enhance your efforts for a healthy mind and shape with essential oils. Although they do not directly correlate to a sharp and healthy mind and body, they affect your senses through aromatherapy! Each oil has a distinct smell and benefit. Essential oils can energize you, motivate you, energize you, and more!

4. Take Daily Walks

Spending time outside is vital to keep your mind and body sharp and healthy. Adding a walk to your daily routine not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also keeps your body in the physical shape you need to power through a stressful schedule.

5. Drink Water

Though drinking water seems like a given, you would be surprised at how many people don’t drink the recommended amount of water per day and deal with the less than ideal consequences. Water is essential to keep your body healthy, and a significant lack of water can lead to complications due to dehydration, which severely affects your mind and body functions.

6. Eat a Healthy Diet

If you are looking for a way to put your build and brain in the best position possible, consistently eating a healthy diet will do the trick! It is no secret how beneficial eating healthy is. The mind and body directly benefit from eating well as it gives you fuel to think and move well and strong!

7. Take Up Gardening

Not only are you keeping your mind and body sharp while gardening, but you are also keeping the earth alive. Gardening gets your body moving, and your heart pumping as you plant, water, and harvest your bounty. You can use the fruit and veggies you grow when you cook, making your meals healthier!

8. Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture is known to relax the body and reduce anxiety, freeing the brain. Any professional and proper acupuncture appointment will leave you feeling good, powerful, relaxed, and ready for the day!


The importance of a sharp and healthy body and mind is essential to living a fulfilling, long, healthy, and happy life. We hope our tips for improving your brain and muscle power will help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Happy sharpening!

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2 Free 5×7 Prints from Walgreens


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Great Gift Ideas from Spice Lab

The Spice Lab, a woman-owned business, has some really great products to give all the foodies and chefs on your holiday shopping list. They take pride in being one of the world’s premier suppliers of sea salts and seasoning blends. Their extensive line includes salts, award-winning seasonings and rubs, premium spices, peppercorns, natural sugars loose teas, Himalayan salt shot glasses, regional brands, private label and a wide variety of corporate gifts.

One of my favorite things is the Himalayan salt shot glasses. They are carved from the finest quality, food grade Himalayan pink salt with a patented inserts that keeps the tequila from getting too salty.

Another great gift idea is their Mediterranean seasoning set which comes with 4 Shaker Jars (one of each of the following)… Mediterranean Citrus Herb, French Onion and Garlic, Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato & Sicilian Blend. Perfect for all around cooking !!!

A really unique gift idea are the Mixology All-Natural Sugar and Salt Drink Rimmers.  You can choose from tons of flavors including margarita salt, bloody mary salt, lemon drop sugar, pumpkin spice sugar, zesty orange sugar, tropical hibiscus sugar, cinnamon sugar, and my favorite Peppermint sugar.

Head over to their website and check out all their amazing products !!!


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Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue DVD Giveaway


Nickelodeon’s hit interactive preschool series is back on DVD with Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue. Fans can join beloved puppy Blue and live-action host Josh (Josh Dela Cruz) as they play Blue’s Clues to find the best way to help Blue and her friends deal with different feelings.

In the Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue DVD, Blue and her friends play Blue’s Clues to learn about all kinds of emotions–-Josh is feeling silly, Magenta is so excited to get new glasses and Blue is feeling a bit sad. The DVD will also include special episodes from Josh & Blue’s VLOG and eight American Sign Language flash cards featuring Josh and words from the show. Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue is available from Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99 U.S.

Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue Episodes:

  • Laugh with Blue
  • Getting Glasses with Magenta
  • Sad Day with Blue
  • Getting Healthy with Blue

Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue Special Features:

  • Silly Town Skidoo
  • Skidoo to Blue’s School
  • Josh & Blue’s Superhero Skidoo
  • Josh & Blue’s VLOG!
  • Nursery Rhymes + Guessing Game!
  • Healthy Snacks Song + Magenta Gets Glasses!
  • Find the Snail + Play Time Sing Along!
  • Play Hide & Seek + Music Guessing Game!
  • Science Experiment + Sing Alongs!
  • Learn Sign Language with Josh & Blue
  • Learn How to Wash Your Hands with Josh & Blue


Now onto the giveaway….

One reader is going to win a copy of the Blue’s Clues & You! Caring with Blue DVD.

To enter, leave a comment stating who in your family loves Blue’s Clues.

I will give you additional entries for each of the following:

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