Cheap Movie Theaters in Orlando

Touchstar Cinemas Colonial Promenade 6:
4672 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 888-8224
Tickets are $2.50 every day except on Tuesday when they are only $1
Show Times:

Picture Show Theater:
130 E Altamonte Dr Altamonte Spgs, FL 32701 (407) 644-7469?
Tickets are $1.25 before 6pm and $1.75 after 6pm and 75 cents all day on Tuesday
Show Times:

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  1. Hi there,
    I love all the info you have on your blog. It’s pretty state specific but you are such a great shopper. I would love to place your blog button on my blog. Do you have one? Even if you don’t I would still like to list you on my site.
    Happy “coupon”ing to ya!

  2. Frugal City Girl says:

    how do you get deals where you walk out paying cents or $2 for shopping carts full. I am trying really hard to work this coupon thing but even now picking up multiple sunday papers I am still not grabbing deals like you do. I have been saving massive amounts of money. but still pay out of pocket $50 or so but saving more than what I spent last deal in publix i spent about $30ish and saved $56 so I was happy.

  3. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    It does take some time to get your stockpile started but once its full, you will only need to buy the things that are free or near free. As you can see, I don’t buy meat often… my freezer is PACKED full of chicken and some pork chops and some steaks. I also am able to use those $5 off $30 coupons every time I shop which ends up saving me A LOT!!! I will break my transactions into $30-$40 increments so I can save $5 each time.

    When I first started couponing, I was still having to buy some staples and my totals would not be this low. Also I get my bread, milk and eggs at CVS with the ECB that I make off deals (like today and yesterday, I made a TON at CVS off those lip plumpers).

    Hang in there, the savings gets bigger as you have done it longer. DON”T GIVE UP!!!

  4. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    Deal Fanatic… I am not sure what a button is so I must not have one LOL You are more than welcome to add my link to your site though!!!!

    Off to check out your blog now!

  5. Money saving diva says:

    i used to go alot to the colonial one last year its crazy how they raised their prices they used to be 1 dollar everyday and .75 tuesdays and and ds where there twice a week during the summer lol

  6. Amy,
    I have a list of email (kido class mothers, my coworkers, I work in one of the largest hospital in Florida and church friends) who follow my mail alerts about bargain), I direct them to a few sites that worth going and I also told them they do not need no seminars, classes but these few site are enough to get them going and yours is one of them. It was my coupon buddy that direct me to your site, Tracey C, so we have to give her a cheer :).


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