Free Route 44 Drinks at Sonic

At the bottom of Sonic receipts there is a phone number to call to get a free Route 44 drink after doing a survey. When you get your free drink from the free coupon, you will get another receipt with another survey for a free drink. So basically you can just keep getting free drinks.

These are fountain drinks so you can’t really “stock” up on them but if you are driving around and get thirsty it would be a way to get free drinks.

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  1. The Sonic surveys here are hit and miss. I had signed up on the Sonic website – we just got one here a few months ago – and got a coupon for free tater tots. Got at least the one survey for the 44 oz. drink but it hasn’t been every time. Wendy’s seems to be hit and miss too. Not sure I’ve ever gotten one from a receipt at Wendy’s but I usually order off the value menu, maybe that’s why. And now that I realize from another post to check my Burger King receipts, so far I’ve ALWAYS gotten one there! If you sign up at all the restaurants on-line, they usually send great emails! :)

  2. Yep it’s true. I have been getting them for about 3 weeks now. I thought it was just luck when I redeemed my receipt and got another but now I know it’s not, lol!

  3. Cool! I suppose if you do it doing happy hour for the first one, you could potentially get an endless supply of Route 44 drinks for under $1.50!

  4. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I need to start looking at my receipts I guess. I rarely eat at fast food places though.

    I did get a 10% off my next purchase at Dunkin Donuts last Sunday on the bottom of my receipt!

  5. I always geta free roastbeef or beef n cheddar from Arbys from doing the surveys. Never got a receipt with one that I turned in though. We just eat there at least once a week–its my favorite place to eat out.

  6. Arby’s, huh? Think I missed that one but maybe it’s not here on a receipt. I’ve been eating free Arby’s (their new roast burger) from posts on the web and from my email for the last three weeks!
    (with drink purchase) Then we have free Jack in the Box every few weeks (fries, tacos and/or drinks). We were eating Carl’s free for almost a month, but that was a fluke.

    Do you enter the sweeps from your drugstore receipts Amy?

  7. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    No I don’t do many sweepstakes, I have the worst luck and just gave up on those hahaha

  8. With all your receipts, it would be a full time job by itself!

  9. Yeah it can be hit and miss.
    There are 2 Sonics where I live and one gives them out with any order that has a bag to attach it to and the other hardly ever gives them out at all.

    I fill them out so often I could almost repeat to you how they go >< there is a long one(lots of questions and a talking part) and a short one(3 questions, painless) If the sonic near you does it then rock on!

  10. My Sonic has the Free Route 44 coupon thingies at the bottom of the receipts, but it's completely random: Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

  11. C. Weekley says:

    Hello, they aren't hit and miss. They are every 8 tickets. I manage at a local sonic and can verify it. It was a promotion put in place in order to derive more customer feedback as well as having customers keep their receipts. Have a good day!

    • thanks for saying they are every 8 tickets now i know not to expect one every visit. but u know, out of all the times visiting canes when they had their promotions over the summer, i hardly ever got a cup that had the coupon that said i didnt win anything. anyways, Thanks for the info!

  12. Got the coupon to call for free drink but their printer ink was low & I can’t read the number. Anyone have the number?

  13. The phone number on my receipt is 877-807-2710.

  14. Not only do I use the free coupons on the reciept I also have a sticker on my winshield for a ninety nine cent route 44 for everyone in my car. Don’t you just love sonic

  15. donna jackson says:

    Can’t get anything to come up so I can fill out survey for FREE drink???Looks like if your co. wants people to parcipitate they would make it easier.

  16. Lennie Smith says:

    Sonic is the best!

  17. Nick Salazar says:

    sonic is the best

  18. Got one tonight and can’t wait to use it every 8th ticket bomber dude

  19. Sharon burns says:

    Love my rt 44 cokes everyday at sonic.

  20. hairkattmrs says:

    Yes but keep in mind with receiving the FREE drink, YOU MUST PURCHASE food to get that drink…

  21. You do NOT have to purchase food with your free drink. This ‘free drink’ thing isn’t going on any more – if you call the 800# listed above, you’ll hear that it’s been discontinued. But to get your free drink at the time, all you had to do was call in that number, answer 5-8 questions, write down the code they gave you on that receipt, and turn it in to get your free drink.

    I used to have 5-10 of those ‘free drink’ receipts in my car with me (I’d get a free one and its receipt would have another survey # = free drink) and didn’t ever have to purchase food to get that drink….

  22. TimeTraveller says:

    Hmm.. So got one of those receipts with the “ID” to redeem for a Route 44. Went to enter the ID and found out the date the receipt was supposed to be printed was days in advance. Traveling across 6 states and didn’t realize I had warped 3 days ahead yet still got home on the day I had expected to be home on. Unfortunately, the “14 days” were gone before I realized it (thanks in part to that warp). I actually was on day 10 when I went to redeem the “ID”. Thanks.. for nothing.. Sonic. It’s all good though. Wouldn’t have been able to drink the “Route 44″ any way. Too much.

  23. Love Sonic where we eat out the most.

  24. Sonic is ok

  25. Trisha Cooper says:

    The burger i had today was huge and quite delicious. never had anything so good that filled me up quick.


    I ordered 2 hot dogs, 1 was a new York style and the other was American. The new York bun was soaking wet and soggy. I threw it away and ate the hot dog and sauerkraut with a fork. The American bun was stall. This is not the first time I was dissatisfied. Another time I ordered 4 burgers and got it home and there was no meat in any of them. What is going on? I don’t want to go there anymore. There is another place farther away but this one is convenient to me. I want a replacement. Work with me here. Thanks

  27. Sharon Sheets says:

    I like Sonics. We eat there quit often. The food we had was quite good . We ordered two cheeseburgers with mayonnaise and they came out just perfect thank you

  28. M.K.Little says:

    First (and last) time Sonicer. Hot dog and hamburg rolls were soggy and inedible. Wonder how long they had been sitting around.

  29. rhonda alexander says:

    I go to Sonic, every other day!! I love the Sonic ice as well as the Sonic Blasts. My whole family loves Sonic. I also take my grandson there after day care pick up to get him a treat. Mon.-Fri. Sonic is the best!!!

  30. vicki baxter says:

    I enjoy going to sonic drive-in. My sandwich was good the bacon was good. The java-chiller was over mixed, very thin(runny). The cherry-lime aid was good. The French fries was really good. I will go back again when possible.

  31. tanya snyder says:

    the food is good. the customer service is horrible!!!

  32. lonnisha lewis says:

    the food is wonderful. the customer service is wonderful and very polite . they treat me with great care. I have told many people to go and eat there.

  33. Enjoyed the hot and fresh food.

  34. I enjoy all the service from sonic, don’t have anything bad to say yet.

  35. I love your slushes

  36. Lance Crawford says:

    Enjoy the variety of slushes you offer.

  37. Ed Shubert says:

    Ljove your cherry, vanilla diet dr.peppers.

  38. LESLIE FAIRLEY says:


  39. ruben pate says:

    Love Sonic the one at Forrest City Arkansas has a Great person that work there his name is Robert Towbar Great person to meet he make my morning Great

  40. ginnger harris says:

    Sonics in Henderson,has been the best since I was 8yrs old

  41. L.Salvadori says:

    Just don’t understand how they can put fake whip cream on their “real ice cream milkshakes”! This stuff is so horrible,it ruined the milkshake…i have had others give me their opinion,and they all said it’s nasty! They don’t listen to you either…we have told them thick milkshakes,not thin,and they are very thin,ugh…and said NO gross fake whip dream or cherry,and they still put in on there! I would like to enjoy their milkshakes/food,but they don’t listen.

  42. Bobbie Johnson says:

    Everyone is very nice

  43. Janet Laird says:

    You can also get a free cookie from filling out the receipt survey at Subway every time in my area.

  44. harvey killens says:

    I went to sonic Tuesday to get half price hamburgers

  45. Alan Gilliam says:

    Tve router 44 Is good Alan Gilliam

  46. I took the survey to complaint about having to take out a mortgage to get a Med oreo custard (concrete) @ $5.61 with tax. Why I tell you, in my day, a malt was 50 cents!
    I did get a free Route44 for taking the survey. :-)

  47. I just got 4 of the 50 cent corn dogs for corn dog day, very good! I also had my very first Route 44, a free one per the survey. It was delicious, an ice cold real fruit strawberry slushie! Excellent service by Crystal, on the outside patio, here in the high desert heat in Victorville, CA.! Thank you!

  48. I love sonic I love the crush ice the best ever

  49. Belinda Anderson says:

    Im a sonics fan for like some already yr ice is awesome an yr bacon cheeseburger but most of all I love the i got to have it some days like a pregnant woman.sonic i need to get a big award for eatting the ice its been faithfully for two yrs.

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