GO NOW — Publix at Lake Underhill and Chickasaw

They had both the Fuel for School display and the “Save $55 Throughout the School Year” display. Both had books with rebates and coupons. When I left a few hours ago they had about 50 Fuel for School books left and about 10 “Save $55 Throughout the School Year” books left.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in So. CA and have not seen thses anywhere yet :(

  2. BeaDandelion says:

    dang it.. I'm sure I missed it. Can someone grab me one of each?! Been moving all week and no time to hit the sales. Thanks!

  3. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    If the displays weren't next to the customer service desk, I would have grabbed more to be able to trade on here. I will look at some other publix stores tomorrow and see if I can find more for people who can't find them.

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