$2 Printable Coupon for Poise Pads


This will go great with the upcoming 8/23 CVS deal:

Poise liners 10-16 ct are on sale for 2 for $4 and you will get $1 ECB wyb 2.

So you will pay just tax and get back a $1 ECB (not sure of the limit on this deal)

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  1. Limit 5 on the ad.

  2. thomas grier says:

    would like a $2 off coupon for pois pads

  3. jennie mccants says:

    would like a $2 off coupon for poise pads

  4. deanne gainey says:

    would like a $2 off coupon for poise pads

  5. Wini Kovacik says:

    I use only Poise products and have received a $2 coupon in Feb . – was told one per month would be available. Can’t find that anymore. How can I get the coupon – am spending a fortune!!!!!!1

  6. naomi white says:

    we buy a lot of pose pads

  7. virginia dulzer says:

    I use poise very often,like 30 a month,so every discount coupon really helps out.

  8. Marlene Burns says:

    I would like a $2 coupon off Poise pads please.

  9. Marlene Burns says:

    Please send me the $2 coupon for your Poise pads.

    Thank you,

    Marlene Burns

  10. I have a problem with the poise coupons because I live in Puerto Rico and the coupons said I can use only in 50 United State. What I have to do.

  11. I can use the poise coupons in Fort Buchanan Base in Puerto Rico.

  12. There website is DOWN

  13. I use these pads everyday and coupons really would help. I buy the big bag of extra absorbent.

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