September 28, 2010

UPDATE: I just got finished doing the 24 min ab workout “gaiam ana caban pilates abs workout“. I thought it would be easy… boy was I wrong. My abs just are NOT very strong LOL


Were you waiting for me to post my workout so you could post yours? I have been running around all day (after 6 days of depression and not wanting to leave, I HAD a ton of stuff I needed to get done today)

I will do my workout tonight. I have a daycare girl that showed up an hour ago and I have no room to workout until she leaves at 4:30.

Go ahead and post your workout and I will update when I do mine!!!

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  1. I did the Legs and Glute from Body Blast series. (I told you I did Cathe everyday LOL :)
    I especially like this one because 1) it really is tough 2) doesn’t require alot of heavy weights 3) she gives alot of instruction-almost like a personal trainer regarding form etc. 4)As with most of her workouts, she makes it fun and motivating.

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to work out today, you have been doing fantastic with your workouts all week and you need to have at least one day a week for your body to rest.

    • Don’t you need the high step for that workout or am I thinking about something else? I think I will do abs again tonight once Kaley is done watching Scream Queens (ok I am watching it too). Hmmm what video to do for abs… maybe a pilates one!!!

      • Yes, you do need a high step for leg presses however I have a wooden step stool that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond about 9 yrs ago (right after my son was born) to use for some Firm workouts. I always use it in place as all the “official” equipment is so expensive.

        I’m a sucker for workout videos too. I buy them at yard sales, thrift stores, ebay etc. Sometimes I will even splurge and buy new! :)I’ve pretty much been doing Cathe exclusively for the past 2 years because I’ve seen such great results with her techniques and weight lifting. I ask for stuff for Christmas like fitness related stuff(I’ll have to ask for heart rate monitor 😉

        I am thinking I will try to change it up a bit, I like to read your new segment on your workouts and all the comments. It’s good to get ideas.

        Good job on the ab workout! You are doing great!!!!

  2. Did my 30 day shred today. I think I’m going to do one more day of level 1 then on Thursday try level 2! yay

  3. Another time challenge day for me – 2 full cycles through the following:
    30 walking lunges
    15 jumping squats
    60 mountain climbers
    15 push ups
    30 back lunges
    30 V crunches

    Total work done : 60 walking lunges + 30 jumping squats + 120 mountain climbers + 30 pushups + 60 back lunges + 60 V crunches
    Total time : 18 minutes 47 seconds

    Out of everything – those push ups killed the most (by far!) lol

  4. I just got finished doing the 24 min ab workout “gaiam ana caban pilates abs workout”. I thought it would be easy… boy was I wrong. My abs just are NOT very strong LOL

  5. I did 50 leg lifts while watching Biggest Loser and then i did Denise Austin 3- week Boot Camp. I’m feeling good.

    • hehehe I do leg lifts while watch TV too. And Biggest Loser really inspires you to do SOMETHING while you are watching it LOL

      Hmmm I think I have a Denise Austin book camp video… not sure if its the same one or if I have ever even done it (I have WAY TOO MANY workout DVDs and Videos)

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