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Subscribe for free to the Orlando El Sentinel. These come on Saturday and have coupon inserts in them.

**Don’t hold your breath that it will come any time soon. I signed up months ago and have not gotten one. Signing up again today!!!

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  1. I'm still waiting on mine too, nearly three months! UGH.

    • Sabrina Mattata says:

      I cancelled my Orlando Sentinel subscription over the phone and at the same time asked them to start sending me the free El Sentinel. I got it for about 3 weeks and then it stopped. My hispanic neighbors all get it and they never asked for it. I must be in some kind of database that tells them I am russian and not hispanic it sucks.

      • t Stanford says:

        Yeah..seems like the ones that really want it…cant get it..and the ones that don’t…they sit and rot on their lawn or driveway!!

  2. Amy-have you tried contacting them to see where your paper is? I am very certain that they have reps who speak English.

  3. You may have to call and speak to someone in subscriptions. Three weeks after I signed up, I still hadn't gotten any, so one Sat morning I called (their reps speak English as well). They looked it up in the system and saw my request and the next weekend my delivery was started. The funny thing is, my neighbor had been getting it for months and never requested it, so she said I'm welcome to have hers anytime. (2 for 1, I love it!) lol.

  4. The Tight-Fisted Penny says:

    Thank you.

  5. I subscribed months ago and havent gotten it either. There is something on the site saying they dont deliver to all locations so you can call and ask for a pick up site location. I live in an apartment so I tried to call and see in case they wouldnt deliver to me. All I could get is an answering machine and I have left a few messages with no return calls. Very disappointing.

  6. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I live in a neighborhood and other people get them so I know its not because I am in an area that doesn't get them. I may call during the week to see whats up. I want to get an extra set of inserts hehehe

  7. If you are actually able to get ahold of anyone can you see if they will tell you where a pick up site for that paper is? Hey, even if you get it….maybe you can get an extra one that way!

  8. This is the site to sign up for el sentinel:

  9. Sonia Rodriguez says:

    From November I have been signing up and I have not received it.
    I have spoken to several agents and have been promised on Saturday I would receive it. ha ha ha …..nothing… WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????????????????????

  10. Edgar Maisonave says:

    Same gripe as above. I have registered for delivery a lot of times and never received delivery. Not a good way to build credibility!

  11. I only speak english, I bought my house from a Latin woman who was subscribed, I have been trying to stop my subscription for more then a year. I had it stopped for 2 weeks ( I think) but then it started again. Dont know why these people waste so much of their money when All I can do with it is throw it away!

  12. Yolanda says:

    I Requested the free sentinal and got it once,I call to see what was happening,I said maybe someone is taking it due to the fact that when I got it for the first time it was almost on the road.So I told them if it was possible to get on my driveway,and they said yes, that they could do that… Well I’m still waiting…… Helloooooo…..

  13. Louis Morandi says:

    Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the El Sentinel newspaper. Stopped receiving it about three months ago. Resubscribed three times on the internet, two phone calls to the newspaper office, and still no newspaper. Maybe I need to cancel my regular paid subscription to get their attention.

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