Free Beech-Nut Let’s Grow Bowls at Walmart

YEAH!!! Its been awhile since this coupon has been out so I was super excited when Samantha left me a comment saying that in last Sunday’s SS (with the eye glasses ad on the cover) there was a $1 off any Let’s Grow product and Walmart has the bowls priced at $1 (some stores have them for $1.06)

The cheap Publix (Lake Underhill and Chickasaw) used to have them for $1 but I haven’t checked the price in a long time.

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  1. what do you mean the cheap Publix? Just curious. BTW: that is my Publix. :)

  2. Wal-mart in Huber Heights, OH has them for $1.08 still a great deal.

  3. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I call it the cheap publix because many of the items are much less than other Publix stores. Since they are next to a Walmart Market, they have to compete and have lower prices on many staples. Some foods are the same price as other publix stores though.

  4. wow…I never knew that. I thought all Publix were the same.

  5. Hi, new to this, where do I find this coupon?

  6. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    In last Sundays paper there were 4 sets of coupon inserts. 2 were smart source inserts (SS) One of them had an ad for Eye glasses on the cover. The beech nut coupon is inside that insert.

  7. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    Alisha there is one other cheap publix around us and it is located at Alafaya and McCullock (over by UCF)

  8. I was over in your neck of the woods today, visiting my new grandchild. My kids live in Avalon Park. I went in to CVS and tried to buy some things, and use my $5 off $15 coupon that printed out (store machine) a few days ago. I was at the register getting rainchecks (because they had NOTHING) and mentioned I was upset that I couldn’t use my $5 coupon (it was expiring today)……they said …no worries, we accept that 45 days after expiration!!!!! I asked 3 times…I was shocked…I am sure hoping the CVS in Tampa has the same policy!!!!!

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