Walgreens Register Rewards Q&A

If you are new to shopping at Walgreen’s, you will want to read this post because their Register Reward program can be a bit confusing to beginning shoppers! (FYI, in my blog posts I will use RR to mean Register Reward)

What is a Register Reward? It is a coupon that will print from a catalina machine after you make a purchase of an item that has an attached register reward deal with it. You will be able to use this coupon on almost any purchase in the store (with some exclusions like gift cards, alcohol, cigarettes, phone cards, stamps, etc).

How will I know if an item should print a RR? There are weekly Register Rewards deals and monthly Register Rewards deals. The weekly deals are advertised in the weekly store ad which you can find in the store. The monthly deals are SUPPOSED to be posted on shelf tags throughout the store. However, many stores do not put the tags up so you will want to check either my site or forums like weusecoupons to find a list of monthly Register Reward deals.

Can I use a manuf coupon on an item and still get the Regsiter Reward to print? Yes, the coupon should not affect whether the Register Reward prints or not (even though many cashiers and managers will tell you otherwise). There have been 2 situtations in the past where the manuf coupon was coded exactly like the Register Reward and it DID keep it from printing but that is VERY rare.

Can I use a Register Reward to pay for an item that will print a Register Reward? Yes as long as it isn’t for the same promotion as the Register Reward you are paying with. For example, you can not buy a Bayer Monitor and use a Register Reward that you got from purchasing a Bayer Monitor. The new Register Reward will not print if you use one to pay. However, you can use a Bayer Register Reward to help pay for a Schick Razor and get a Register Reward back.

Can I use a Register Reward for $3 to pay for a $2.99 item? No, the register will beep because the subtotal must be at least the amount of the Register Reward you are paying with. You will need to buy another item of at least 1 cents to get your subtotal over $3.

Can I buy one item and use a manuf coupon and a Register Reward to pay for it? No, a Register Reward is considered a manuf coupon and you must have at least the number of items as manuf coupons when you pay. This is when you will need to buy a “filler item” so that you have 2 items and 2 coupons.

Can I buy one item and use a store coupon and a Register Reward? Yes, store coupons do not count as a “coupon” when you are figuring out your item to coupon count ratio.

Will Walgreen’s accept expired Register Rewards? It is their policy to not accept ANY expired coupons. However, you may find a store that will allow it but ask first.

What should I do if my Register Reward doesn’t print? There are 5 things you can do:
1) Ask the cashier to call a manager and have them re-ring the transaction on another register. Most likely the machine isn’t working
2) Have the manager “post void” the transaction (which basically means return the items)
3) Ask for the form to send in your receipt to the catalina company (you will get the Register Reward back like a rebate — I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS)
4) Call the catalina company ( 1-888-8coupon, option 3 ) and have them mail you the Register Rewards. You will need your receipt for info to give to the company
5) Use the online form found HERE to request for the company to mail you the Register Rewards

Other Walgreen’s coupon Q&As;:

Can I use a $2 manuf coupon on an item that only costs $1.99? This will vary from store to store. The register is going to beep and not allow it. There are 3 options when this happens. The cashier can either manually enter a $2 coupon and give you the overage, the cashier can manually enter a $1.99 coupon to adjust it down to the cost of the item or the cashier can price adjust the item up to the coupon amount.

Is there a certain order I should hand over my coupons? Sometimes. There are 3 situations that I will discuss:

1) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store weekly ad coupon and not get any overage”… it will not matter what order you hand the coupons over

2) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store weekly ad coupon and get some overage”… you will need to hand over the manuf coupon first and make sure you have something to cover the overage

3) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store coupon from the monthly booklet or Diabetes magazine”… these coupons are different than the weekly ad store coupons. They do say manuf coupons on them but are coded like a store coupon. However if you use them before a manuf coupon, the register will think you have already used a manuf coupon on the item and beep. So it is necessary to hand the manuf coupon over before the store coupon no matter if you are getting overage or not.


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  1. I am wondering why you do not suggest mailing in the form for a reward??? I mailed one in for Benadryl and received mine only a short time later.

    Thanks :)

  2. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I personally never leave the store without a RR or returning my items. I am not going to count on getting the catalina back from the company

    That is just me!

  3. Thanks a ton..this helps out a newbie like me..Thanks..Becky

  4. Anonymous says:

    How does it work when you have a BOGO coupon and Walgrens (or another store) has a BOGO-50% off sale?

    I.e. This week CoverGirl cosmetics are BOGO 50% off and I have a few of the BOGO coupons left.


  5. ok wisk is on sale for 6.99 and you get a 2.00 RR. I have 3.00 coupons. Can I buy 6 of the wisk with coupons and get six 2.00 RR?
    How many coupons will they take at a time?

  6. My husband purchased the wrong cigarettes for me at Walgreens. I had the receipt and went back an hour later to exchange them for the correct ones–I was not trying to get my money back, just the right cigarettes. The assistant manager informed the cashier, who was ready to exchange them for me, that the policy is once the cigarettes leave the store, no exchanges can be made. If they only cost a buck, no problem. But, at almost eight dollars a pack, I was very angry. Is this the policy at all Walgreens? After all, the cashier gave him the wrong ones (of course my husband didn’t check to see they were the right ones…). I guess they will be losing a customer over this stupid policy.

    • I HATE WALGREENS… call corporate tomorrow and tell them!!!

      • I was a manager at a store that sold alcohol and cigs for 15 years. It is actually the state law here that once they leave the store, they can not be returned. It is under the belief that cigs and alcohol are to be purchased by the person intending to use them, therefor discouraging the sale to someone for minors. And that the person purchasing knows what they smoke or drink, and will not leave without checking. Also, our fines for doing this $500.00 to the clerk, and possible suspention of the license to sell to the store. It is easier to buy your own, or be sure he checks next time, it is not the stores fault.

  7. Will I get RR if I am doing exchange?

  8. evtini poleti says:

    Is there any way to download this as pdf?

  9. vtora raka says:

    thank you very much

  10. Every time I have bought something at walgreen’s I have waited for the transaction to end to pay with the register rewards. So should I have actually given the register reward first no matter what? Like before she totals the transaction? Do you think it would be smart to make it a habit to always hand the rr first even if there would not be overage just so mistakes don’t happen in future transactions by accident. Sorry this rr thing is so confusing, sometimes I think I get it but then realize I could have done it better. One more question, what happens if a week later you decide a product does not work for you but you already used the register reward can you return it? Or do they make you exchange it for something or give store credit even though there is a receipt?

    • Always use manuf coupons for the products first, then store coupons then RRs… because if you haven’t figured out your subtotal correctly, you want to not be able to use the RR before not being able to use the manuf coupon for the product (know what I mean)

      When figuring out how many you can use, you must have an equal number or more of products than the amount of manuf coupons and RRs combined (store coupons don’t count in item to coupon ratios)

      If you want to return something that you got a RR from, only do it honestly and not as a way to “make money” but I have found from reading online that they won’t take out the amount of the RR when returning it. However I think on some “rule” somewhere it does say they are supposed to either get back the RR or take the amount off the return price (I have never actually returned something that I got a RR with though)

      And all these rules are why I hate shopping at Walgreens so much !!!

      • We have to give your credit on a walgreens card. It gets easier once you learn the system. We give you the card because the point of the register reward is to get you to come back and purchase more. So if we give you cash, there is no guarantee that you will come back.

    • Axelwink says:

      From experience a walgreens cashier, It is preferred you give the store coupons(from the ad or monthly book), then manufacture coupons, then register rewards. That way you get the sales price first, then you take off from the manufacture coupon and then if anything impedes the register reward coupon you will know.

      • except I can’t count how many times the register won’t allow a manuf coupon afrer the store coupon is scanned so I ALWAYS do manuf coupons first

  11. If I have a register rewards coupon, can I use it to buy another register rewards item and get another register rewards coupon?
    Ex. If I buy toothpaste for 2.99 and get a 2.99 reg rewards, then go and buy lotion for 3.99 and get a 3.00 reg rewards.
    I was told that I can but a new coupon won’t print.

    • If its the same product, it won’t print a new RR but if you are switching like you just described, one should print even when using the first RR (as long as they aren’t the same company)

  12. if once the register is done scaning all the items that i am buying and there prints a register rewards of an item i have purchase can i used it or do i have to wait until next purchase?

  13. Rochelle says:

    Today I came with 3 manufacture coupons plus RR
    I bought:
    2 Kellogs Meal Replacement Bars
    2 Covergirl Mascaras
    I had a $1.00 off each mascara (2 coupons) and the mascara was on sale for “buy 1 get 1 half off”
    and $2.00 off when you buy 2 boxes of Kellogs Bars (1 coupon)
    So, I had 3 coupons total and 4 items. The register didn’t let me use my RR. Why is this? Is it because the Kellogs Bars were both covered on a single coupon? Can someone please explain this to me? Why are they so confusing?!!

    • even though you only had 3 physical coupons, the $2 off 2 attaches to 2 products so its kinda like 2 coupons.

  14. Christina says:

    Im planning on using this program, in addition to their sale right now and manufacturer coupons:

    4 Colgate Toothpastes (Buy 1 get 1 free)
    4 Colgate Wave Toothbrushes (Buy 1 get 1 free)
    4 Lady Speed Sticks (But 1 get 1 free)

    I am going to be using:
    4 (.75) off coupons for the toothpaste
    4 (.75) off coupons for the toothbrushes
    2 (.50) off coupons for the deoderant
    2 (5.00) RRs I have

    Since that is a total of 12 products, I can use those 12 coupons in the same transaction, correct? And since my subtotal before the RR will be at least $10.00, that should work right? If I did the math correctly I will be able to get all off this for $2.73. Or is the checker/manager going to think i’m crazy….? I double-checked all coupons, products and limits.

  15. Christina says:

    Just called the store I plan on going to and wanted to verify if I could use a coupon on items that are BOGO free. The manager I spoke with was very nice and explained that the computer will most likely accept a coupon with this kind of sale if the products are “of equal or lesser value” priced-sale. If the sale is BOGO free on exact products and price, it probably will not. She seemed very nice and also tries to make her store as coupon friendly as possible. So call ahead first and ask questions before you go! Every store, even checker, is different. Knowledge is power!

  16. Brittany says:

    I hope I am not being too repetitive here but I am trying to understand this as well.
    Ok so I bought a razor today that I had a $4 dollar off coupon for and I recieved a $5 dollar register reward. Since I have one more $4 off coupon I wanted to use my $5 RR towards another razor so it’d basically be free. I understand it won’t print another $5 RR but to make it so both coupons will work I have to purchase another item. Can it be anything? Like something cheap, say gum? So I am still only having to pay aroud $2 for the second razor… It won’t create an overage so will that work?

  17. How many RR can I use to pay per transaction?

    • well you can use as many as you want…. HOWEVER, you must have the same or more items than coupons in your order (RRs are considered coupons) (store coupons do not count in the ratio though)

  18. Hi,
    I am a new “couponer” and I’m still trying to get a hold of the RR. If something is 4/12 with $4 RR can I use a coupon on 3 of the items for 1+1+.75 and then use a RR for 5.00(from a different purchse) and still get a the RR?

    • yep, as long as its not for the same product, the RR should print

      • you can use 4 coupons and find a small filler (less than the value of the 4th coupon) so that you can use the RR too (Like the 25¢ chips ahoy packs I found)… that way you are saving even more

  19. I’m a newbie and today I made a purchased at walgreens for a total of 6 items, I had 4 mfgc copns and 2 store coupons and 1 RR. The register didn’t allowed the cashier to use my RR because it exceed the amount of coupons. She said that store cpns do count towards the total of items purchased. I don’t mind because I shop there all the time. My understanding was the store cpns didnt count???

    • No store coupons don’t count but did you use the manuf coupons before the store coupons? That will make a difference some times.

      What were the items and where were the store coupons from?

      I can tell you why the register didn’t allow it if I know what the coupons were

      FYI, if any of the manuf coupons were $1/2 coupons, they count as 2 manuf coupons because they attach to 2 items

  20. The store cpns were walgreens, ok now I know yes I did used $1/2 cpns for the Oscar Mayer wieners. Thank you for the quick response. :)

  21. I’ve been shopping at Walgreens with coupons for about a month now. When I first started I was under the understanding that only one RR will print per transaction even if they are completely different products. Is this true? I’ve never tried checking out with more then one RR per transaction. I know that if I buy two of the exact same product in a transaction, one RR will print. But, for example, this week if I buy the goody’s headache relief powder with a $1.50 RR, and the Illy Cafe that has the $2.00 RR, will the catallina print out both RR or will I get only one if I buy them in the same transaction? I hope this makes sense! I’d love to get all my weekly RR in 1 or 2 transactions instead of my typical 5-6.

    • Only one RR will print PER different items. So if you bought 4 different items that produce RRs in one transaction, all 4 will print.

  22. i am new to this and a little confused,
    i want to buy sobe drinks that are .99 but you get a RR after you purchase it for .99
    SO does that mean i then return the item and pay for it with the register reward? so then im not losing any money?

    • no, it is free AFTER register reward… you pay the 99cents but get the coupon for 99cents off anything in the store after you buy it

      so out of pocket you will spend 99 cents

  23. if i buy something and use a RR to pay for part of it and decide to return it how do they handle that. will i just lose them money or will they still refund it. if they won’t give me my money back can i do an exchange instead and not lose the money?

  24. Does Walgreens have a customer card program like Rite Aid? I’ve look all over their web site and cannot find any reference to a customer appreciation card. I was told at my CA Walgreens to sign up Portland OR as my ‘home’ store. (I live 18 miles N. in Oregon). I would then be able to get the customer appreciation card. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks for the help.

    • I have never heard of that card and I shop at Walgreens a lot. Sorry.

    • Kristie says:

      Yes! They do have a card program, but I’m so confused by it. I frequent 3 different stores, all of which are in different nearby cities. At one store, I was told that you rack up “bonus points” with specific purchases on the card and can then redeem them later for items such as gift cards, etc. At a second store, I was told the card was used in regards to Register Rewards (although I’ve not once had one of these print for me??), and at the third store, I handed the girl my card and was told that it wouldn’t make a difference to scan it because they are only valid in test markets. When asking about Register Rewards, she had no clue what I was talking about. I’ve been sticking with CVS and avoiding Walgreens, but my curiosity is getting the better of me and I’m determined to get to the bottom of this! I’ve searched through the Walgreens website and found a link for “Walgreens Rebates” hoping that would explain the policy, but the link will not load for me.

  25. In my opinion, those register rewards are nothing but a ploy to draw you to Walgreens thinking you’re going to get a big deal.
    1. You’re already spending more for going to Walgreens. Everywhere else, even grocery stores are noticeably cheaper.
    2. In their sale ads, it states “like paying”..but you’re not actually paying that price. Actually you’re spending a little more, because you have to use that coupon there, and you’re already paying more for being at Walgreens.
    3. They consider the RR to be a manufacturer coupon when it’s not at all. It’s just like the Target coupons, that can be only used at Target. At least there you can stack 1 manufacturer coupon.
    4. Unless the “filler” item is something you absolutely need and on sale as well..the RR rewards aren’t worth it.

    • Barbara says:

      The Walgreen’s RR say Manufacturer’s Coupon at the top. I just used a $5 RR at my local Publix store. That store accepts competitor store coupons from local competitors, but Walgreen’s is not listed as a competitor so the Publix won’t accept Walgreens store coupons. I had absolutely no problem using the RR at Publix so it could not be considered a store coupon.

    • Jennifer says:

      I disagree that the RR aren’t worth it. Yes, Walgreens is way more expensive, but if you catch sales and use coupons you can save a lot of money. I went in over the weekend and spent $73 and saved $61. I also got $26 in RR. When I redeem those, I will only be purchasing things that are 50% off or more by stacking store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and sales. If you just go in blindly and pay $5 for a box of crackers, then yes, you are wasting money!

  26. Lindsay says:

    I want to purchase gillette items. Walgreens is doing a promotion where if you spend $30 dollars you get a $10 dollar rr. There are a ton of gillette coupons out there and I want to use them on my $30 purchase. Does the total have to be $30 after my coupons or can i just buy 30 dollars worth of product and use coupons to lower the cost

  27. I have 8 coupons for airwicks and they give a $4 RR for them. Do I need to buy them in separate transactions or can I get them all at once. I have a big list to buy but if I have to do 50 transactions to get best deal I will

    • You have to do each item thats the same in different transactions but you can combine different deals in one transaction.

  28. I purchased an item from walgreen (shampoo). It was $5.99 with a $4.00 register reward. I forgot I had a manufacturer coupon for a 1.o0. I paid for the item but planning to go return it use the manufacturer coupon with it. If i return the item, do the $4.00 register reward coupon go void?( i happened to used the $4.00 rr coupon on the next transaction) so what happens when you do this?

  29. Can you use register rewards from the same company (i.e. have $1 RR from Reckitt Benckiser from buying Electrasol) to buy ANOTHER product from the same company (i.e. receive $3 from Reckitt Benckiser from buying Air Wick). I hope it only applies to the same deal that you can’t get another RR to print; otherwise my future shopping trips will be VERY confusing.

    • It depends, sometimes it does mess it up especially if the amount of the RR is the same. If the RR says “thank you from airwick” and anotehr one says “thank you from electrasol” it most likely will be ok, but I can’t promise.

      This is why I don’t like walgreens much, their RR program is a PAIN

  30. I have a question regarding the Register Rewards from walgreens. Im unsure as to exactly how the rewards works. For example, in looking at coupon adds right now, i see crayola washable markers on sale for 2.00 and then says free after $2.00 Register Rewards ? Do you have to have “rewards” already or do they give you them to use right then?

    • You buy the item and then get a register reward.. If u already have a reg reward from another deal (like the goidy hair clips) you can use that to pay and still get the reg reward back on the crayola… Howver you cant use a reg reward from crayola to buy another crayola or the new reward wont print

  31. Kristina heubrock says:

    I was wondering if all walgreen do RR. The only walgreens that we have around here doesn’t advertise that stuff in there store. So I was wondering if al of them do it.

    • I know there are some test market areas that do some other rewards program but I have no idea what the areas are and how it works

  32. I just got home from walgreens, where I purchased 3 bottles of shampoo. The shampoo was on sale for $3 and advertised a $1 RR. I also had 3 $1 off manufacturer’s coupons I used. I didn’t realize till just now that I only got 1 of the RR for the shampoos. I just learned from this article that they would have had to be 3 seperate transactions for me to get all 3 RR. I have no time to go back today but if I go back tomorrow will I be able to get a refund and purchase again with the coupon savings, even though I no longer have the coupons, and get the RR?? Thanks for any info!!

    • yes, bring the products in and the RR and the receipt and explain that you ddn’t understand how it worked and you want to return them and rebuy them. They should be able to do the return (without getting the coupon back and reusing it).

  33. Thanks so much! I went back today and got my $2 in RR!! :)

  34. I am trying to figure out the RR with a wyb $— next week Revlon is 40% off and you earn a 3RR wyb $10- I know i would have to buy 5 items to get over 10 with it being 40% off, and I have the 2 off wags and a 1 off man q…If the total is before ALL coupons it would be a 3 mm + 3rr?
    Do I have to be at $10 before All coupons or $10 after wags coupons?
    if someone could help that would be great!!!!

    • recently it started working that it had to be after wags store coupons but could be before manuf coupons… know what I mean… the store coupons took away from the total needed but the manuf coupons didn’t

  35. what if i want to return an item that i bought with r.r.? how do they give me my $ back? giftcard, or do i lose out on r.r. all together?

    and what about my manf. coups. i used as well? Do i lose them if i return the item?

    • I have never returned anything I bought that gave me a RR…. it SAYS you have to forfeit your RR but I have never heard of anyone having to do that (not saying no one has)… if they keep the manuf coupon, you will get the cash back instead…. so if you paid $10 and used a $5 coupon…. you should get $10 back (unless it was a store coupon)

  36. how many RR $$ can u get in one day?

  37. I bought 9 same items that had a $5 RR with each transaction. I held up the line for a couple minutes, but requested “separate transactions.” The clerk didn’t mind, but she did make a phone call to her manager to get it “approved.” So, $45 in RR off this one item, purchased in 9 separate ring ups at the register. I have 2 weeks to figure out how to wisely spend the $45 RR. I wonder if they sell cupboard space! I’ve made out like a bandit with these RR at Walgreens. Might start my own store!

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