CVS Extra Care Buck Q&A

In case you missed my Walgreen’s Q&A; post, you can GO HERE to read it. Personally I enjoy shopping at CVS because they have less “rules” when it comes to using coupons and Extra Care Bucks.

What is an Extra Care Buck (ECB)? It is a coupon that will print at the bottom of your receipt after you make a purchase of an item that has an attached Extra Care Buck deal with it. You will be able to use this coupon on almost any purchase in the store (with some exclusions like gift cards, alcohol, cigarettes, phone cards, stamps, etc).

What is a CRT? CRT means cash register tape. It is a store coupon that will print either at the bottom of your receipt after you buy something or it will print from the price scanner when you scan your Extra Care Card. Since these are store coupons, they can be combined with manuf coupons. CRT coupons will state a particular product like “$1 off any haircare item” or “$2 off Glade Lasting Impressions”.

How will I know if an item should print an Extra Care Buck? There are weekly Extra Care Buck deals and monthly Extra Care Bucks deals. The weekly deals are advertised in the store ad and the monthly deals SHOULD have shelf tags throughout the store. However, many stores do not put the tags up so you will want to check either my site or forums like weusecoupons to find a list of monthly deals.

Can I use a manuf coupon on an item and still get the Extra Care Buck to print? Yes, the coupon should not affect whether the Extra Care Buck prints or not.

Can I use an Extra Care Buck to pay for an item that will print an Extra Care Buck? Yes as long as the limit is more than one, you can “roll” the one Extra Care Buck into the next item. For example, if the limit is 2 on a deal and you buy 1 shampoo for $4 and get a $4 Extra Care Buck, you can buy the second shampoo and use the $4 Extra Care Buck to pay and get another $4 ECB to print (this is different than Walgreen’s).

Can I use an Extra Care Buck for $3 to pay for a $2.99 item? Yes, the Extra Care Buck says “up to $3″ which means it can be adjusted down to the amount of the subtotal (this is different than Walgreen’s). It can not cover your tax.

Can I buy one item and use a manuf coupon and an Extra Care Buck to pay for it? Yes, you can use a manuf coupon and as many Extra Care Bucks as you want to pay for an item (this is different than Walgreen’s)

Will CVS accept expired Extra Care Bucks? This varies from store to store. Some stores will take them no matter how expired they are, some say one week, some say 24 hours and some say none at all.

What should I do if my Extra Care Bucks didn’t print? Let the cashier know and they can manually print an Extra Care Buck for you.

How many Extra Care cards can I have? The Extra Care program says “one per household”, however, most families have one per person in the household. Use your best judgement on this.

Can I use an Extra Care Buck that I received from one Extra Care card to pay for an item when using another Extra Care card? No, the Extra Care Bucks are tied to an individual card and must be used only when you use that card.

What does Limit 2 mean? Every Extra Care Buck deal will have a limit attached to it. This is how many times the Extra Care Buck will print when you buy that item. So if a deal says Limit 2, you can buy 2 of that item and get the Extra Care Buck to print. You can buy them either together or in separate transactions. If you buy them at the same time, the Extra Care Buck that prints will be the combined total of the amounts. For example, if you buy 2 toothpastes together that will get a $2 ECB on each one, a $4 ECB will print.

Other CVS Q&As;:

Can I use a $2 manuf coupon on an item that only costs $1.99? Yes, CVS can adjust down manuf coupons.

Is there a certain order I should hand over my coupons? It really doesn’t matter at CVS whether you give a store coupon first or a manuf coupon first (this is different than Walgreen’s). However, you should hand over any ECBs that you are paying with at the very end.

What does the limit on a sale (non Extra Care Buck deal) mean? This is how many you can buy PER TRANSACTION for it to ring up at the sale price. You can pay and then do another transaction if you want more than the limit at the sale price.


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  1. can you return an item you paid for with ecb? If I paid $2 in ecb and .99 cash, do I get 2.99 refund or just .99?

  2. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    You, they will give you the cash you spent back and then a money card for the $2 amount.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When the ECB deal specifies that there is a limit of one… does that mean one for the week or one per transaction? I see on my receipt that "limit is reached" but I have not tried to replicate the offer later in the week.

  4. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    If its an ECB deal with a limit, its per card all week (however sometimes the limit is actually higher than the ad or sign says) If your receipt doesn't show Offer Limit Reached on it, then you can do it again. If it shows offer limit reached, it is maxed out on that card for the rest of the sale. (this is why some people get more than one card)

    If its a sale that has a limit #, its per transaction

  5. to answer some of these questions I work for CVS…the real rule on expired coupons is it had to just expire within the week….for say it was Thursday and your company expired on Monday..we can adjust it because we turn the coupons in at the end of the week (Saturday). ALSO, if you really want to use all the coupons…you did need to have them in order…largest quantity first like $5 off $25 and go down to your smallest. Hope this helps!

  6. I see on the body wash you say use a $4/2 AND a BOGO, I didnt think both were allowed?

  7. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    In the matchups for Sunday 5/23 I did say there is a BOGO in the 5/2 P&G; and a $4/2 in the 5/2 P&G…; I wasn't really saying to use both, just that there are both coupons

    However, if you get 3 body washes, you can use both coupons (the $4/2 attaches to the 2 you are buying and the BOGO will attach to the 3rd one to make it free. You will make $4 in ECB and get 3 bottles of body wash in the process

  8. Anonymous says:

    The self checkout machines offer a "courtesy card" option. Do you still get extrabucks if you use the courtesy card, and if so, do you have to use the exact same machine again to use the ecb?

    • I’ve wondered about the courtesy card too. Anyone know?

    • No you dont receive any extra bucks from a courtesy card they scan the card for customers that dont have a cvs card but still want the sales price. The cashier is not always going to scan the card for every custmer though so ask in a polite way if they can. Cvs tracks all scans of the card and the employee rates will be affected so just sign up for one when asked and get the sales prices and the extra bucks from it.

  9. I have one $2 ECB and one $5 ECB. Can I use both in one transaction for a total of $7.00 off my purchase?

  10. If I use a BOGO on a ECB product, should I get back 2 ECB’s? Or will I only receive one (because I only really paid for one)?

    • If the limit is 2 you would get an ecb that is the amount of 2 deals

      For example, if an item is buy a product and get a $2 ecb and the limit is 2 and you used a bogo coupon you would get a $4 ecb at the end

  11. I bought items at 2 different stores. The total at store 1 was @$12.00 and the total at store 2 was $3.00. Combined total of $15.00. These were both Dove items that were part of the spend 15 get 5 EB. Why wouldn’t I have received the $5 EB after my second store purchase? Does the total have to be in the same transaction? Also, when I checked at the cvs website under my Extra Care account, it only shows the 3.oo. I have both receipts. Is there any way I could still recieve the EB?

    • unfortunately there are 2 Dove deals going on (a weekly deal and a monthly deal) so if the products were from different deals, that may be why it didn’t reach $15… my suggestion would be to either call corporate and get them to issue you an ECB or take the 2 receipts into a store and show them and have them manually print an ECB for you

      look at your receipt, does it have 2 different lines where Dove was purchased at the bottom in your running total of deals?

  12. Even though it says “extrabucks limit 2″ can you still buy more then that? I know you wouldn’t get the extrabucks.. but can you still get more then the limit?

  13. Do CVS’s extra care bucks apply to the transaction in general or for each item?

    Ex2: Let’s say I have a $4 ecb. Can I use this for two items (let’s say one item is $2 and the other is $1.99)?


  14. Can you use ecb the same day earned or do you have to wait any amount of time

  15. I purchased a razor and got 5 extra care bucks back. I decided to return the razor. I presented the receipt and the extra care bucks and refunded the transaction, but didn’t take the extra care bucks. Should they have take them. Did that automatically void the ECBs?

  16. Schick Hydro 3 & 5 products offer $4 extrabucks this week. I have 3 mfr’s coupons for each item. So, I would like to purchase 3 of each item. The add says nothing about a limit for the extrabucks. So, I would end up with $12 in extrabucks for the 3 razors, $12 extrabucks for the 3 refils?

    • What I would do is do one and then look at the bottom of the receipt, then do another and look at the bottom of the receipt, if it doesn’t say the limit has been reached, you can do another one. Also you can then roll the ECBS into the next deal and pay less out of pocket for the second and third time

  17. Talking about limits on ec bucks. In the ad this week they have 4 different razors in this one little section of the ad. Says you pay 9.99 with card. get $4 ec bucks. Limit 1. so I can only buy 1 of those 4 to get the bucks or can i buy 1 of each kind and get the bucks?

  18. I recently started shopping at CVS and have no recieved my actual card yet so I have been using my phone number well I went the other day and used my phone number for my extra care card the ECB I used had 8628 as the last 4 numbers for my card but when the ECB I earned printed from the transaction the 4 numbers at the end for my card were 1726 I was curious to know why this had occurred… Will I still be able to use my ECB that printed for my account..? I hope something didn’t mess up and ill be out of my extra bucks…:(

    • When you use your phone number, it takes off the last number or something so what it shows is really like the last 5 but missing the very last one (I had an incident once which is how we figured it out)

    • But looking at your numbers they don’t even match up at all so maybe the phone number was entered wrong??? Call customer service !

  19. If I return an item that helped me qualify for an extrabucks reward (i.e. purchase $30 worth of stuff and receive $10 ECBs) will the return void my extracare reward?

  20. When the ECB promotion says, “spend $15 on these products and receive 5 ECB”, is the $15 after extra care card discounts or do they use the regular price?

  21. I recently purchased diapers at CVS. I bought three packs for a total of 29.97 I was going for the $10 back if you spend $30. At the first store, the cashier said you usually get the ECBs if you are within a few cents. I went to do a similar deal a few weeks later and I didn’t get the ECBs. The cashier said it was because I was three cents short…what is the exact rule on this?

    • If its a deal where it is SPend $20 get $5 ECB Spend $30 Get $10, you need to be exact

      If its just Spend $30 get $10 and there isn’t a tier, you can be short

      **that is what bloggers have decided after we all talked about this situation

  22. this weeks ad says spent $12 on sauve products get back $4.00 in extra bucks does it have to be in one transaction

    • no, it will track your purchases by your card number so you can do it in multiple transactions, different days, different stores, etc


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