Money Maker on Neutrogena Soap at Walgreens

This week when you buy 3 participating Neutrogena Skin and Sun Care Products you get a $10 RR.

Neutrogena bar soap (pictured) works for this deal and is $2.99

3 @ $2.99 = $8.97 (+tax) get $10 RR

( Thanks Wild for Wags )

There is also a black and white box that is $2.69

3 @ $2.69 = $8.07 (+tax) get $10 RR

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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is also another bar soap included with the black label fragrance free at 2.69 but i only found it in some wags so good luck with this one is a bigger money maker and this is a good dela to roll rr's with the skin nail and haor supplimet that is farr at 10.00 get back 10.00

  2. How do you find out what really works? Does the lip care work?

  3. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I got home so late today from the Nick hotel so I didn't get to go back out and try to find these soaps but I may try when I am in Cocoa Beach tomorrow!!!

  4. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    Doris… I just wait for other people to try things because I don't like experimenting

    I read TONS of blogs and sites/forums and read what people try and post when I find a good deal that works

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will confirm that this worked for the same bar soap shown in the photo. I'm in Orlando, too. Thanks, Amy!

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