Buy Whole Coupon Inserts

I just ordered (10) of the 8/1 P&G; inserts for $5.39 shipped

I recycle on Monday but a lot of people keep their P&G; insert so its harder for me to get a lot of those so Joshua told me about this cool site that sells whole inserts.

They also accept paypal so I was happy!!!

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  1. I believe this site is going out of business. I receive an email from their sister site the coupon clippers about it.

  2. melissa says:

    I just ordered a few myself… anyone ever order from them? My husband is lecturing me that none of this is legit and theyre going to steal my paypal money…. I would of ordered more BUT they expire 8/31 :(

  3. Crystal The Coupon Momma says:

    This site has only be open from June 21 2010. Thats a good deal on them but its a new site.

  4. When you say that you recycle to get more coupons, what do you mean?

  5. Veronica says:

    Please let us know how it goes and if you are able to recommend this service. Thank You. Veronica.

  6. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I just got an email this morning saying my inserts have been shipped!

  7. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    When I say recycle, I mean that I go out on Monday morning (like today) and go through the recycle bins on the side of the road. Today I got 9 P&G; inserts plus tons of RP and SS inserts from this week and last week (plus 3 more free McDonalds smoothie/frappe coupons.

    And I got a lot of coke points to enter on

  8. Crystal The Coupon Momma says: has whole coupon inserts. Also you can buy any 4 whole coupon inserts for $1.99 before shipping after shipping its $4.94

  9. Hey Amy,

    Did you get your inserts?


    • Yes I ordered them on Saturday and I think she said she shipped them on Monday and I got them on that Friday. I was able to do the CVS deal that week (I forget what it was now though)

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