Get 3033 Swagbucks When You Get a Discover Card

My boyfriend did this already and got his swagbucks but I wanted to post about it because when I went to order a $50 Amazon gift card today, I didn’t have enough points (I was thinking I needed 3900 and I need 5900) and a window popped up with offers to get more swagbucks. One of the offers was to apply for a Discover card and get 3033 swagbucks. I already have a Discover card and LOVE it but this would be a great way to not only earn swagbucks but to also get a credit card that pays you back!

Go to swagbucks and click on the $50 Amazon gift card (if you don’t have enough points)…. a window should pop up with offers. You may have to click the right arrow to scroll through offers to find it.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, why would you get a $50 card? The $5 one are the best deal. You could get $65 worth of $5 cards for the same amount of SBs as the $50 card.

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