When Is It Not Good to Shop at the Cheap Publix???

where are the cheap Publix stores in Orlando

I mention the “cheap Publix” stores in my posts quite often and I have been meaning to post this little tid bit of info and always forget….

Normally I love to shop at the “cheap Publix” however I thought of a time when its NOT a good idea to shop there!!! If you have a $5/30 coupon, and a LOT of FREE coupons that you are going to use to get your total higher in order to reach the $30 to use the $5/30, you don’t want the items to be lower price. In this particular case, its good to have higher prices on products so you reach the $30 faster.

**for those wondering what is a “cheap Publix”? There are 2 Publix stores in East Orlando that have much lower prices than other Publixs. They claim that because they are next to Walmart Marketplaces, they have to compete so they have lower prices on staple type items. Not everything in the store is lower in price but a LOT of items are. For example, Knorr sides at most Publix stores around me are $1.49 but at the cheap Publix it is $1.03. During a BOGO sale with coupons, this can make a BIG difference. Other items I have found that are much less are Betty Crocker brownie mixes, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, PopTarts, Toaster Struddels, Cookie Dough, Eggos, Spaghetti sauce, etc.

The locations of the 2 cheap Publix stores are:

  • Lake Underhill and Chickasaw
  • Alafaya Trail and McCullock (near UCF)
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  1. FYI The store at McCulloch is now taking $/$$ AFTER all other coupons. Same with all of the stores over on this side of town.

    • The new publix $5/30 (home mailer) and $5/50 (newspaper sticker) coupons DO NOT state after all other coupons so I will fight it if they say something. However the Albertsons $5/50 coupons do state after coupons so I can’t really say much about that one

  2. I tried that argument, but they said that it was a new guideline to follow in their stores. Also, I wasn’t able to use more than one Target printable (since it says one per transaction). And, they don’t take Albertson’s meat coupons anymore. Apparently they have a written policy in their stores now.
    I have a hard time with these new rules because I have a big family. I need a lot of similar items, and I don’t want to have to drag all four of my kids to the store multiple times, or go to multiple stores to get what we need. I started shopping at Aldi when they changed the rules, and I just go to Publix for the free w/ manufacturer coupons now. It’s too bad! I was enjoying doing all of my shopping at one store and saving a bundle! Plus the meat at Publix is way better than Aldi!

  3. Wish there was a way I could find out which Publix in my neck of the woods was a “cheap” one- as a creature of habit I usually simply go to the Publix closest to my home, but if I knew one of the other 4 in my area was a “cheap” one, you can bet I would drive the extra few miles!

  4. Do you know if the Publix on RedBug is a cheap one? It’s almost across from a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

  5. I live off of chickasaw and never knew that was a “cheap” Publix, thanks for the info Amy.

  6. Does the Publix at Alafaya and McCullock accept Target coupons?

  7. Where is the cheap Publix?

    • There are 2 in Orlando… one is at Alafaya and McCullock & the other is at Lake Underhill and Chickasaw

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