Smartfish ErgoMotion Laser Mouse Review & Giveaway

I am so excited because SmartfishTechnologies contacted me about doing a review of their ErgoMotion Laser mouse and I was really needing to get one for my laptop but kept putting it off.  I gotta say, this is the most amazing laser mouse I have ever used.  I have a different brand of laser mouse on my desktop computer and it goes out from time to time and it frustrates me so much.  However, this Smartfish ErgoMotion laser mouse has not gone out on me and I can even use it on my couch while I am blogging. Installing it was a piece of cake, I just plugged in the usb drive and that was it… no installation DVD was required. I really love the pivot feature and the scrolling wheel saves me lots of time (I don’t have to move over to scroll down the side of the page anymore).

You can watch a video about it here on youtube. If you are needing a good laser mouse, I highly recommend this one (you can buy it from Amazon: HERE)

After I saw how amazing this mouse was, I asked if I could give one away to one of my readers and they agreed… so one lucky person is going to win one of these!!!

To enter this giveaway, you MUST  “like” them on Facebook and then come back and leave a comment saying you did so.  (If you don’t have Facebook, you can follow them on Twitter instead)

***I will end this giveaway on 11/5 at 5 pm EST

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  2. I liked them on fb! This is so nice! I would love to win this mouse!

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    I just ‘liked’ them on Facebook! This would be awesome! My husband needs a new one for the business computer!

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    I just “liked”them on Facebook . It would be awesome to own this. I am on the computer all the time for pleasure and work. Thanks

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    I could really use a new mouse.

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    Will love to win one of these mouse. Made ErgoMotion Laser Mouse a like it on FB.

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  33. I liked them on facbook. I used to have an ergonomic mouse at my old job, but now I’m a stay at home Mom and have a plain jane one. Would LOVE to get a new, updated mouse.

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  48. Karin Byron says:

    I liked them on Facebook. I have one of those silly laptop mouses that goes out about once a day. It’s annoying to the max since I have disabled my touchpad because I was always accidentally touching it while typing.

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  59. Hi! I “liked” them on FB and thank you Amy, for all you do to help the rest of us save, too! I just found your website and am enjoying it immensely! I’m sharing it with my friends, several of whom live in or around Orlando, FL! Thanks!!

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