Free Lego Set w/ Gift Card Purchase at Target

Keep your eyes out fora Bullseye Lego Target Gift Card display at yourstore. Add at least $5 onto the cardand get a free 31-piece Bullseye Lego Kit free!

Thanks totallytarget

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  1. VIckie Jones says:

    WHat a cute stocking stuffer, the lego dog for my DD and the $5.00 gift card for my son!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, my son LOVES Legos.

  3. I tried to transfer the amount on the gift card to another gift card so the child would not have to take the box to Target for redemption. I was told I couldn’t do that without surrendering the toy. I contacted corporate and was told that I couldn’t do that and when the child tries to redeem the gc/box that the toy must be surrendered to receive the full amount of the gift card or the amount of the toy will be deducted from the gift card. What a scam!!!

    • That only affects issues if you go to return it correct. Not sure I followed what you were saying.

      • I was not trying to return the gift card. I just wanted to use the value on it for another gift card. I was not allowed to do that so I called corporate. Corporate said that I couldn’t redeem one gift card for another and they told me that when the gift card/box is used to make a purchase you must give them back the lego or they will deduct an amount from the gc for the lego. I haven’t tried this yet so I’m not sure what is going to happen.

        • That doesnt make any sense, why would you have to give back the legos just to use the $5 gift card you got from the promo? I think something must have been misunderstood by someone down the line.

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