Can’t Help You Find Swagcodes Anymore

Thanks to michaldavidwho left me 2 nasty comments on my facebook page and then reported me to swagbucks today, I can no longer let you know where swagcodes are located. Isn’t that just the nicest thing forhim/her to do?!?!?

I have closed the comments because they were getting out of hand and I don’t want to wake up to 200 comments bashing me on the first day of spring break!!!!

(yes you can tell I am very upset now)

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  1. WOW!! I never did swagcodes but, that is really disappointing…

  2. Michelle says:

    This stinks!

    • No kidding… 1000 people can thank me and appreciate what I do, but all it takes is ONE miserable person to end it all !!!

  3. Thats really messed up! How ungrateful! Is he the swag police??

  4. Annoyed! says:

    What a freak! Who puts pictures of their kids on their facebook and then acts like a monster like that? I’m sure it is the same type of person who threatens their child’s school teacher with her life… Yes that happens, and thanks to kind people like you and others, I was able to quit my job and get away from those type of cruel people. Ok, I will stop now, but keep in mind, if you find out what their IP is, you should block them from your website! Who has that much time on their hands? LUNATIC!

  5. What is the deal with that??? A gazillion blogs do the same as you???

  6. I don’t do swagbucks, but I do love your blog and read it every morning. I am so sorry this happened! Please don’t let one hateful person get you down. *virtual hug*

    Stand tall, be proud of what you do and contribute to so many people’s budgets! I appreciate all you do, and my family does, as well.

    We have recently hit some hard times, and without your blog we would have significantly less money or significantly less food.

    Thanks and God bless you.

    • THANKS, you guys ALL make me smile when I am down !!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        HOW DARE YOU??!!! You should feel down!! You just publicly ridiculed her and tagged her so that your fans can send her hate mail??? What kind of person are YOU? What a terrible person you are for doing this to her. All she was doing is following the rules and being honest. Why don’t you try it sometime you rotten, rotten person!

        • She didnt feel bad sending MY link to swagbucks

          • Jennifer says:

            BECAUSE YOU CHEATED!!!!!! She is ONE person. She sent an email to swagbucks PRIVATELY. You have over 4000 fans that you sicked on her like the dog that you are! You are trash! Shame on you!

          • WOW I am a dog and trash… you have a lot of class too I guess !!!

            (this comment was supposed to go under the comment that called me a dog and trash)

        • What do you consider what you just did? You should save the name calling for the kids in middle school and thank her for all of the time she takes to help us save money.

          • @Jennifer (or should I say Michal David)…trash? That’s a bit harsh. Really…this is just a money saving blog. Lighten up and cut Amy a break.

  7. That’s just ridiculous. I’m probably just going to give up swagbucks at this point because it’s just not fun for me.
    I’m so sorry that this one jerk ruined it for you. =[

  8. I hope you will still continue to alert us when one becomes available and maybe give good hints without actual links? is that much allowed? Or better yet, maybe us followers who appreciate the help can give you our emails and you can set up a group email account with the info, they can’t stop you from emailing people since they won’t even know about it?

  9. LOL now I get an email from them saying they are calling their lawyer and suing me for posting their name on my site… ummm they posted the comment on MY facebook page for all to see so its PUBLIC info !!!

    • What the…Are they really that dense? They have their name up as public info. If they don’t want people to know their name, make one up! Jeeze! If anything they’re harassing you. Yeesh.

      • That was my reply, you left comments with the same link that I posted so i didn’t post anything that anyone else couldnt have gotten from my facebook page

  10. Nonya Busness says:

    He is RIGHT you are WRONG !

    • Haha…quit being so PETTY michaldavid1907!!!!!! Are you going to sue me too????? :p

    • Technically, Amy is right. She is allowed to give us information about where a code is, just like Swagbucks themselves gives us hints as to where a code is. The only thing that is not allowed, is her giving us the actual code. So, michaeldavid, it’s kind of silly to get your panties in a twist over something so petty. There are bigger problems in the world today…

      • Jennifer says:

        If Amy was right, why would Swagbucks tell her to stop doing it?? Duh!

        • DID I SAY I WAS RIGHT????


          And I took the link to their facebook page away just to make all the haters happy hehehe

          • I am disappointed that you took the FB page down. I wanted to send ‘hate’ mail too! :-(

    • I find it funny how you have left 3 comments now using different emails and names (I can look up comments by IP address so changing all your info doesn’t hide that its the same person LOL)

      ***why are the comments not going under the right reply (this was supposed to go under the one that says “He is RIGHT you are WRONG !”)

  11. Swag Happy says:

    Wow that really sucks you got called out for being a cheater, I’d be really mad too. The only problem is YOU ARE A CHEATER. So get over it and grow up.

  12. Actually, it’s against Swag Bucks rules to tell of a specific location as well. Perhaps if you read the RULES you would know this!!! Hints are okay, giving the exact location is NOT. Read the code hunting do’s and don’ts. You will see that it doesn’t say “It’s okay to give the exact location”
    Directly from the FAQ’s (Which I’m *sure* you didn’t read):
    Can Swag Codes be shared between users?
    NO! Swag Codes are meant to be discovered and applied individually. expressly prohibits the sharing of Swag Codes in any manner whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, posting active Swag Codes on Facebook, message boards, blog comments or any other website; hosting a site that allows Swag Codes to be posted; emailing active Swag Codes, or participating in any online and offline properties whose chief purpose is the distribution of active Swag Codes, or permits active Swag Codes to be divulged.
    What kind of hints can I give when helping people find Swag Codes? encourages users to help each other find Swag Codes through giving hints. However, there are some types of hints which are considered inappropriate and which may result in disciplinary action against the offending user(s).

    The general rule of thumb is that a hint may help others find the Code, but must NOT help the user “figure out” the Code without actually finding it.

    For example, if there was a Swag Code hidden in a blog post, it would be permissible to say ‘read the last blog post and pay attention to all the bolded text’. Conversely, it would be inappropriate to write ‘the Code rhymes with “X” but starts with the letter “Y” instead of “Z”.

    Just in case you’d actually like to READ the FAQ’s, here you go:

    Now, quit bitching about what you did wrong. I would have reported you as well.

  13. Kathleen Knight says:

    If anything you were doing Swagbucks a favor…educating people like me about Swagbucks and all it has to offer. Boo to Swagbucks too.

  14. Amanda G. says:

    Wow, Mr. Happy needs to get a hobby.

  15. Sandy Hayes says:

    I don’t get why you all are so upset. You did something wrong and were called out on it. I think it’s great that you run such a giving site, but also need to learn to admit when you have made a mistake. Maybe show a little more professionalism and grace next time something like this happens…

    • Did I ever say I didn’t do something wrong??? I didn’t know it was wrong until swagbucks contacted me though. I knew you couldn’t post the codes which I NEVER do. I gave a link to the location which TONS of sites do everyday.

      Show grace… yes I should have but I am human and VERY upset that they didn’t show any GRACE to me

  16. Amy,

    You really need to block that IP address. What a loser….

  17. Umm for all you haters, how is this hurting you or anyone else??!!!

  18. Amy,

    Keep doing what you’re doing and keep your head up. If I were you though I think I would delete all the comments and block comments for this post. I just feel like this is completely against what you, and we, are trying to do, which is get a little more value out of life. This negativity just isn’t what we need to be focused on.

    I feel your frustration with the situation and just hope you continue blessing families across the country with your good work.

    Have a blessed night!


  19. Have you ever noticed that when you confront someone with something, they tend to get really pissed when they feel guilty? That’s how your reaction to all of this reads- and your subsequent actions of harassing the person you blame for your own downfall. Also, if you are a mom, I’m shocked- because your reactions and linkages would have suggested you are very young. Unless you are a very young mom? Either way, getting upset is one thing, but trying to start a witch hunt when you actually Were in the wrong is quite another. In the long run, a few may rally to your side thinking you’ve been unjustly injured, but the longer you drag it out and the more noise you make, the more you will end up looking foolish and losing blog traffic. Anyway, just a piece of advice though I am sure you will probably just get mad at me too.

    • nope not mad at all, and I agree it is childish and I wish I could say I was young LOL

      Once again, I am human and let my emotions get the best of me… can anyone say they have never done that????

      I did take the link off the post however because it wasn’t very nice to do even if they didn’t care about sending out MY link (eye for an eye isn’t the best way to handle things though for sure)

      • Jennifer says:

        She sent the link PRIVATELY to Swagbucks. You PUBLICLY exposed her by giving a direct link to her PERSONAL facebook account. That is WRONG. You’ve admitted your mistakes regarding posting the code, but have not apologized to her for what you did to HER, nor removed this thread that still gives her name. When you’ve done something as horrid as you’ve done, the best thing to do is delete this entire post and move on.

    • oh and i don’t feel guilty, guilt implies I knew what I did was wrong

  20. You shouldn’t cheat. Period. Don’t be mad at her because YOU didn’t read swagbucks rules. Build a bridge and get over it, learn from your mistake.

  21. Thanks for all your Helpful Post. You are always going to have playa hatas. They are just JEALOUS of your SUCCESS!!!!

  22. Amy, I am recently new to your site and I just wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Don’t let anyones panty wad ruin your day. You are a beautiful person inside and out. We are all human and we ALL make mistakes and learn from them. Things could’ve gone a lot smoother but it should be done with. You were “corrected” in a rude manner I might add, but they should’ve left it at that. It is not hurting anyone. Like I said, we all make mistakes but dont let this bother you. You are a wonderful person and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do :)

  23. You are not doing anything wrong. I can not believe these people are acting this way.

    From now on when a code is out just send them to this site.. 😉

    • Yes, because this is a PRIME example of cheating. SB does monitor this site, and they can and will tell based on IP addresses who uses it. But go ahead. Use it.

  24. Yes, seriously, close these comments. We don’t need this drama. Keep up the deals you do Amy. You did nothing wrong intentionally. Bump that post on Rachael Ray cooking her dogs back up to the top – that’s waaaaaaaaaaay funnier!!

  25. it’s just swagcodes you guys..calm down.

  26. I don’t do Swagbucks so I can’t comment there, but damn… You have a lot of “haters” on here. I say ban them all and move on. If they think so lowly of you, they shouldn’t be trolling your website and taking advantage of your posts.. But thats my opinion. Just know there are a whole lot of us that like you:)

  27. Every person who posts a hateful comment should be blocked from this site. Amy does have a right to block your IP and it’s out of the kindness of her heart that she doesn’t block you. Amy also posts your hating comments even though she doesn’t have to! So consider how lucky you are.

  28. P.S. Go to google and type in swag code. See how many sites are “giving away” the exact links and locations of the swagbucks. Singling out one or two blogs is just cruel.

  29. WOW…it’s amazing how seriously the swag police take their job.
    I LOVE all you do on this site…I save Tons of money…and if I can’t win a swagbuck anymore without your help….OH WELL…I will live! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  30. This is exactly why I don’t allow comments on my site. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve read a few blogs and their readers have lost their minds. I don’t use swagbucks, but I wish this reader would have contacted you via email first to voice their concern.

  31. OH. MY. GOSH!

  32. Wow!!! I love your blog and know how hard it is to keep it running. I appreciate all your updates . It saves me money and time. I have NEVER seen any “childish or unprofessional ” behavior from you.
    Why is everyone over reacting. It was clearly an honest mistake.
    Its rude people that complain and ruin things for the rest of us.
    Seriously why the need to police this? Look at all the good that this blog brings and stop harping on the negative !

  33. This whole discussion is lame. Is Kristen the same person that bashed you on the Gain incident?

    This is so unreal. We are grown adults. No need for name calling or bashing let’s all just move on. Those people that feel as though you do things wrong shouldn’t visit your site. If you get reported for doing something wrong you should change without notifying your readers and getting everyone involved. I bet if you stopped giving swaghints no one would notice because you post soo much content throughout the day (& most of the time Swagbucks is very time sensitive).

    I appreciate everything you do… you really taught me the ropes to couponing and finally I have the ability to find my own deals. I understand that it takes a lot to run a blog & this really is a job for you. You don’t deserve to be harrassed but unfortunately people like to hid behind their keyboard these days.

  34. I have never used swagbucks but I love your site and check it daily. You have helped my family to save a lot of money and be able to afford a few luxuries (dinner out or a movie) now and then. Without your help and a few other sites as well, I don’t know if I would even be making ends meet. I work full time and am a single mother of four. Please know that I and many others appreciate all you do on this site.