Good Deal on Kid Cuisine at Publix

This week they have Kid Cuisines for $1 (back page of the ad) and there is a $1/2 coupon here. That makes them only 50 each!!!

**this did not print correctly for me but it looks like people on iheartpublix got it to print so let me know if it prints correctly for you

UPDATE: it must be something with my printer or my ink because I tried to print a different coupon and it didn’t print either

Thanks iheartpublix

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  1. Kangelia says:

    It printed correctly for me

  2. I printed the coupon without any problems.

  3. It printed fine for me, also…

    • yes it was my printer… finally hooked up the free Kodak one I got from Office Depot and I am back to printing again (however I lost out on these coupons because there are none left UGH)

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