What Gift Card is the Best Value on Swagbucks???

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Have you taken the time to break down the gift cards on swagbucks to see what is the best value? I had done this a LONG time ago but realized thatI haven’t done it since they added so many new gift cards onto their site. So I just spent some time and figured out the amount of swagbucks per dollar on some of my favorite gift cards.

#1 Amazon $5 – 450 (90/$1)
#2 Chilis $100 – 10,989 (109.89/$1)
#3 Chilis $50 – 5755 (115.1/$1)
#4 CVS $50 – 5875 (117.5/$1)
#5 Amazon $50 -5900 (118/$1)
#6 Chilis $10 – 1195 (119.5/$1)
#7 CVS $25 – 3045 (121.8/$1)
#8 CVS $10 – 1249 (124.9/$1)
#9 Chilis $25 – 3150 (126/$1)
#10 Amazon $25 – 3150 (126/$1)
#11 Paypal $50 – 6330 (126.6/$1)
#12 Paypal $25 – 3215 (128.6/$1)
#13 Starbucks $10 – 1300 (130/$1)
#14 Paypal $10 – 1335 (133.5/$1)
#15 Paypal $5 – 700 (140/$1)

**what I found outis that I haven’t been getting the best value that I could because I kept grabbing the $10 Starbucks gift card (which is #13 on my list)because I get impatient waitingto be able to “buy”the bigger amounts. Now that I know the order of best to worst value, I may be able to be a little more patient (I can hope anyway)

Also, keep in mind, you can only get 5 of each kind of gift card each month

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  1. aida barreto says:

    okay, so I have a question. I have been trying and trying to get more swagbuks but I dont have to much time to do some stuff and I try to search words or things and I never get any thing. Any tips?

    • Sandra Hemingway says:

      I usually get swagbucks every morning between 2-5 searches. I then click on “Trusted Surveys” and “Daily Poll” and get 1 swagbuck each each day. Click on “NOSO”, skip through all promotions and enter code at the end and get 2 swagbucks. Just by doing this you should bet at least 10-12 swagbucks a day, so in 1 1/2 months you will have enough to get a $5 Amazon gift card.

    • Also, when you search and you don’t get swagbucks right away, try hitting “next” at the bottom of the page once or twice. Sometimes you’ll get swagbucks doing that.

    • Download the Swagbucks toolbar and do all of your online searches thru it. You will be amazed at how quickly the points add up. Since I took this action, I get enough points to average two $5 Amazon gift cards a month.

  2. Katie R. says:

    I have done that same kind of analysis on mypoints gift cards. I am normally impaitent as well.

    • On MyPoints Chilis is pretty low points compared to other restaurants.

      I even figure it out on Discover (Buca Di Beppo is one of the better restaurant gift cards for that program)

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