Got My Mt Dew at Walgreens

I was so happy my store had PLENTY of Mt Dew 12-packs in stock (I was going to go to Albertsons to get them if I coudln’t find 10 packs in a Walgreens store)

(10) Mt Dew 12-packs $26 w/ ad coupon, used 5 $1/2 peelies (found at Winn Dixie) — $21 for 10 packs or $2.10 per 12-pack

**use manuf peelies first just to be safe (sometimes using the ad coupon first makes the manuf coupons beep

If you don’t want to buy (10) and have an Albertsons close by, you can get (4) 12-packsthere for $8.88 after (2) $1/2 peelies. That makes them $2.22 each.

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  1. Somebody says:

    I barely understand half of this. Assuming 12-packs of CANS, and not 20oz BOTTLES…… where does the ad come from? Albertsons or Walgreens?
    What the H*** are “peelies”? … half-dollar “peelies”?

    • LOL

      peelies are coupons that are on products that you peel off the product

      There were 2 deals on Mt Dew… the Albertsons deal ended yesterday though (the walgreens sale ends Saturday)

      the ad coupons for the walgreens deal is in their weekly ad

      so you would need to go to winn dixie to get the peelies and then go to walgreens to get the soda

      **its kind of a complicated deal for new couponers

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