Free NCAA College Tshirt from MyCokeRewards

If you enter 6 codes from 20 oz coke products on and then enter code MYTEAM, you can get a FREE NCAA College Tshirt (31 teams to choose from).

**I had entered the codes on Monday and used the code today and it worked so you don’t need to enter them all at the same time

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  1. Stephanie R says:

    Thanks so much! You always have the best MyCokeReward deals…and other deals that I don’t see anywhere else!

  2. Thank you!!!! You are awesome!

  3. Thanks! I just entered my codes earlier in the day – OSU t-shirt on the way (well they didn’t have USC)

  4. Tonya M. says:

    Thank you so much for this deal! I got an OSU shirt ( the selection is VERY limited for the southeastern US), but you can’t beat a FREE t-shirt! I always have coke caps laying around. Thanks again!

  5. How many can you get? is there a limit?

  6. Mine says its already been redeemed. But i just found out about it. ?

  7. got mines, and you do have all the Mycokereward deals we thank you

  8. Wow, evidently the SEC shirts went fast, lol. Only Kentucky left. Oh well, maybe they will restock? :)

  9. Thanks so much!! Look like the limit is 2 per account

  10. Michelle G says:

    So how does this work? Or did I miss it? I just entered my 6 codes and don’t see anything, where do I need to look?

  11. I didn’t see OSU where did you find that one? My niece starts there next week.

  12. I got 2! I love freebies!

  13. I entered all of my codes and the MYTEAM code but i dont see where it allows me to pick my college t-shirt..

  14. Try using the code FOOTBALL. I have 2 accounts, on one of them I could use both codes 2x, but on the other could only use them each once. In any case, good deal!


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