KatKabin Review and Giveaway

The KatKabin® is the ideal shelter from rain, wind and cold for outdoor cats.  It comes standard with a removable KatFlap door and a washable KatKushion but also is available in a double door version and as a premium combination with a washable fleecy Winter Warmer which lines the internal body of the KatKabin® for added insulation.

Even though my cats are mostly indoor cats, I have some friends and relatives that are very alergic to cats so I love being able to move my KatKabin® outside so my cats can have somewhere to hang out when they come over to visit. If you have outdoor cats, this would be a perfect shelter for cold or rainy times.

You can get 20 % off any KatKabin product purchased through their website when you use code REF64693 at checkout (code expires December 31).

Plus KatKabin has generously offered to giveaway a KatKabin to one lucky reader.

To enter this giveaway, tell me how many cats you have.

I will end this giveaway on 12/14 at 5 pm EST

Disclosure:  I was given a KatKabin to facilitate my review, all opinons are 100% mine and not influenced in any way

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  1. I have two cats..one that thinks he’s a dog (he uses the doggie door to go outside and potty) and one that no one believes exists because she hides when guests come over!



  3. We have 3 outside cats, all are strays that came to us. They like to slip in when they can, but we also have family who are allergic to cats.

  4. Ihave 3 cats. Two girls and a boy. All fixed.
    Thanks for the offer.

  5. we hav 2 outdoor cats and I know my girls would LOVE to have this for them!! thanks for the giveaway

  6. I have four inside cats and 2 outside. Thank you.

  7. IrisGretel Jarfree says:

    one outdoor cat & i made a soft place for it on my porch but this would be so much better. thanks!

  8. I have one outdoor cat Blondie, she refuses to live indoors. She showed up with another stray in 2002. Thank you.

  9. We have one outdoor cat and he needs a place to hide from our puppy, who loves to chase him… I wonder if this would work for that!

  10. Sharon Hamner says:

    I have 2 cats

  11. I have 2 outside kitties :) I love cats but I am allergic to them so they have to stay outside :(

  12. Karen Ryder says:

    I have 6 cats. My children get so upset when we put the cats outside and it is cold outside. Note: Cold to us in South Texas is anything below 70 :) I would really like to try this. Three of our cats were homeless when we adopted them and the other three are children from one of the cats that was homeless.

  13. Kathy Leese says:

    We have three outside cats and two inside ones. All have adopted us, not the other way around. The outside ones are a Mother and her daughter. She came to our house when she was pregnant. She is approx 15 years old and her daughter is 14. They all have access to our garage where they can come and go as they wish and I have them a box with blankets in it for a bed. The other is a yellow tom cat that our daughter picked up along the road after she saw him there two nights in a row. He was only the size of my hand. Each of the inside cats were found with health issues so we had to bring them inside.

  14. I have two adorable family members mittens and frosty

  15. Janine K. says:

    I have 3 indoor cats and they love to hide in or behind things and jump out when we go by lol.


  17. 2 cats, Sadie and Gizmo. They live outside on our acre with the horses and are great mousers :) This looks awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. We have two four footed family members. ( They don’t believe they are cats)

  19. We have 3 cats and are expecting to get another one soon. One of the cats showed up about a year ago at our house. He was so skinny so I started feeding him. We named him Head (because his head is gigantic) and he has since become a part of the family. However, he has an aggressive nature with my inside cats so he can’t come indoors. Recently, we found a tumor on Head’s side and he will be undergoing surgery soon. This would be perfect for him since we can’t bring him inside and the temperature has turned cold.

  20. ^.^ I feel like a cat lady when I type this, but we have 4 (FOUR!!) cats.

    We used to just have one old female. However, last year when my husband deployed to Afghanistan, to help my three daughters get over his absence, I allowed them to each adopt a kitten. LOL Well now I know, kittens grow up really fast and we have a pride of mini-lions running around our house daily. oy!

    Thanks for the chance!

  21. We have 1 outside cat that would love this! Thanks!

  22. I have one cat.

  23. Christina says:

    We have two kitties Timfey and Meow Meow.

  24. one cat. she is indoors but used to be outdoors. I take her out for a bit here and there since she loves rolling outside.

  25. We have one beautiful tabby that we rescued from the shelter-he was left there at 11 years of age and they said no one wanted a cat that old. He is warm and friendly and we can’t believe that his owner gave him up after 11 years-but he is ours now!

  26. I have 2 outside cats

  27. We have 4 cats, all rescued from a recycle bin @ my husband’s job. They are neutered and now indoor cats after a tragic nearly deadly accident. They love to destroy the house so anything that will keep busy would be really great! I need to save these blinds- on my 3rd set lol!

  28. I have 3 outdoor cats. One of my cats doesn’t like the indoors so this would be great when the weather gets colder! thanks for the great giveaway

  29. I have one cat that we rescued from the shelter.
    This is so nice for the cold weather.

  30. We have one lil kitten

  31. Shawn Bolton says:

    I have 3 furry kids!

  32. We took in a stray 6 months ago who is slowly becoming part of our family. We have to keep him in the pool area enclosure because most of us are allergic to cats, but love him dearly. Would love to win this since he has to stay outside during the cold weather… We feel bad.. Thank you.

  33. I have 4 cats, 1 outdoor/indoor (prefers outdoors – she would love this) and 3 indoor – 1 of which tries to go out whenever he can.

  34. Natalie Huddleston says:

    I have 8 cats, a coon, a dog,2 horses,5 goats,2 bunnies so with the expence of food don’t have much for extras lolol
    Thank-you for all the coupon updates on pet food, if it wasn’t for coupons and sales I would never make it

  35. I have 3 cats!

  36. Rhonda Crocker says:

    WE have 3 outdoor cats and 1 indoor/outdoor cat.

  37. 4 cats!

  38. Jessica Quinn says:

    I have one precious cat, Simon. He is a 1 yr old siamese cat… and he is so very spoiled. He loves to play with his big brothers (Bruno and Brody, boxers) and get his belly rubbed. Sometimes I believe he thinks that he is a dog also… He would LOVE that katkabin!

  39. Right now I have just one fluffy kitty. I hope to get him a friend within the next year though =)

  40. I have two outside cats, so they would LOVE this!!!

  41. I have 1 indoor cat that we are trying to get to go outside. This would help!

  42. I have 3 cats, Lillie, Max and Miley. Miley is the outdoor cat and it would be great for her to have this for the winter time :). Thanks for the chance to win one. That is really great of you!

  43. I have two cats both outdoor/indoor and both rescues. And I also have a niece who is severely allergic to cats so this type of shelter would be something that I would be interested in. :)

  44. I have 2 outside ferals that I look after and I would love to give them this for shelter!! I also have 2 inside cats.

  45. Festus and jasper are our two cats but we dont say that in front of them because they are people too.

  46. Elizabeth Ryan says:

    I have four outside cats. Husband is allergic! I also have a huge wrap around front porch and this would work great!

  47. My cats would love this and it would keep them dry and warm this winter. What a great giveaway!!!!

  48. I have 2 inside and 4 outside. They are all my babies!!

  49. Lisa Van Slyke says:


    I have three cats: Fat Fatty (aka Princess), Mom Cat (aka Sister) and Snowball (aka Cream Puff).

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize!


  50. I have 2 cats, Murphey and Monty.

  51. We have 2 very sweet cats we adopted.

  52. I have one indoor cat (Tootsie) and one outdoor cat (Buddy). The KatKabin would be a great shelter for Buddy. Thanks!

  53. We do not have any cats, but I think this would make a great gift for my SIL & brother that have 2 indoor/outdoor cats.

  54. I have 2 older cats that are indoor/outdoor during day

  55. Melanie K says:

    Would love to win this! We have four cats that are indoor/outdoor, but we also have a gorgeous black cat we call Deckster who hangs out (on our deck, obviously) and in our yard, and eats here, but hasn’t let us get too close so far. This would be great for him on our cold Tallahassee winter nights.

  56. Kristen D. says:

    I have three cats :)

  57. We are getting a couple of barn kitties real soon!

  58. Christine says:

    I have 5 cats, which is a little insane when I have 4 children under the age of 10! It just goes to show you how much I love and appreciate the companionship of cats.

  59. I have one outdoor cat named George. He currently shares a dog house with our boxer puppy!

  60. One cat…inherited my mother’s whose was raised on a farm and loves the great outdoors. This would be ideal for Kitty with our unpredictable St. Louis weather! I am a recently disabled, uninsured American on a fixed income which doesn’t leave much for life’s little luxuries. The KatKabin would be a God Send. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway!

  61. I have 1 Cat named Mama’s. Thanks!

  62. I have one cat.

  63. One

  64. Jan Baldwin says:

    I have 2 outdoor cats that would love something like this. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  65. would love one.Thanks

  66. We have 2 cats (Oscar and Emmy) who would live this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. We have 3 amazing indoor cats: Mitchie, Stan, and Jake. But I would gift the KatKabin to my parents who have an outdoor cat who would love this. His name is Spencer.

  68. pam velez says:

    one outside cat that will come in to say hi but dont shut the door he was feral hen he found us but hes fixed and will let you pet him since we are moving to colder part of Florida sonnyboy would appreciate being a lot warmer

  69. This would be a gift for sister in laws cat.

  70. I have 5 cats! Two indoors, and three outdoors =)

  71. Suzanne Heitmuller says:

    This would be perfect for my used to be indoor cat that decided she HAD to be an outside cat!

  72. I have an indoor cat and another stray that lives on our deck. This KatKabin would be perfect for her!

  73. I have three kittys! They would love this! Thanks for the chance!

    missylovsjesus at yahoo dot com

  74. I have four cats, but I would donate it to my friend who has several cats of her own, fosters seven (some of which are unadoptable and will always be with her unless some magical person comes and gives them a forever home), and feeds about four outdoor cats. She already has two of the warming pads that you heat in the microwave and tuck in the cat bed at night to keep the outdoor kitties warm.

  75. Only one cat now…..:)

  76. thepricklypinecone says:

    We have one cat of our own and a little visitor while her owner is in the hospital. They both love places to hide and would love this if they were to win!

  77. I have one cat, Snoogens!

  78. My friend has two cats.