Money Maker on Speed Stick After Rebate

In my CVS matchups I showed you how to get Speed Stick for free after coupons and ECB but with the new Colgate rebate in todays SS insert, you can make $5 from the Speed Stick deal…

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick $1.99 (Buy 6 = $11.94 should trigger the ECB)
Coupon: BOGO Speed Stick Coupon in 1/29 SS (use 3)
Final Price: 6 FREE

Then submit the rebate to get $5 back for spending $10+

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  1. Daun Cooper says:

    I’m not finding the Colgate rebate in the SS. What does it look like?

    • stacy carroll says:

      the rebate is in the ss on the back of the dollar general ad. it is a red rebate form for black history month. hope this helps..

  2. I have alot of P&G Q that expire on the 31st but I do not see any good deals. Does anyone know of any?? thanks

  3. stacy carroll says:

    i am trying to figure out how to submit the upc codes from the deodorant if anyone knows please let me know. thank u

    • I’m sending a typed list of products & UPCs (e.g. Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions UPC code #, Speed Stick Unscented UPC code #, Softsoap Coconut Scrup UPC code #, etc.). I seriously thougth about trying to photocopy the backs of the deo & bw tubes, but didn’t think it would work… At least toothpaste or bar soap UPCs will be easy.

    • if you look carefully, the label has a tab that peels off it is clear so you will have to look really close against the light. I peeled it and cut it with scissors. I dont want to take the risk of being denied the rebate.

  4. The B1G1 coupon for speed stick took off the 3.99, so I got 8 free plus ecb, and rebate!

    • stacy carroll says:

      way to go!! i did the same and my coupon took off $3.99… love when i walk away with $0 oop how did u submit the upc for the deodorant ? if u dont mind me asking

  5. Will we be able to purchase clearance Lady Speedstick and receive the ECBs?

    • if they scan the item it should produce the ECB, if they type in the clearance amount from a sticker then it won’t print an ECB,… the UPC is what triggers the ECB and not the price that it rings up

    • stacy carroll says:

      not sure if your store works or not with the clearance but mine did yesterday. i bought 12 deodorants 6 were on clearance and the others were on sale. i got $12 ecb for both transactions.

  6. I dont have that page with the dollar general ad..:( is there any way I could print the rebate form from the internet? I bought 2 papers yesterday both had none. I guess it might be regional.

  7. If anyone has an extra rebate form they can mail me, my area didn’t get the rebate. I can trade for a stamp, coupon, etc.

  8. Erica Morris says:

    My ss didn’t have the rebate form. Would someone be willing to mail me it? I can give you some coupons in exchange if wanted.

  9. Just got back from CVS. After much arguing with the manager, he was telling me it won’t give the ECB with clearance and I told him I wanted to try it and see. He tried hard to convince me that it wouldn’t work but I wouldn’t budge. Finally, he rang me up and it worked. I told him I know my business, I spend a lot of time learning store policy and how these rewards work. So, the deal is, the men’s white stick in”clean” and the gel stick in “fresh” are on clearance for $1.09 each. I bought 12, paid $13.13, used one of the buy 1 get 1 free and got off $3.99 and got the $6 ECB. I got 12 deodorants for $3.14 or $.26 each. I don’t have the rebate form either but I am happy with the deal! Could have probably only bought 11 but was afraid it wouldn’t trigger the ECB and after all my arguing, I didn’t want to push it so I bought the 12. I think they will not be happy to see me next time I come in, now I am a trouble maker.

  10. on this deal… if i use a BOGO Q’ can i also use on the Free one a MFQ????
    Because there were some MFQ on a SS spanish version 1/6/12

  11. I can’t find the Dollar General ad/rebate!!! I’m gonna have to pull my papers out of the recycling bin and double check. If not, does anyone have an extra rebate form? I’ll send a stamp and things…

  12. If anyone can send me a rebate form I would really appreciate it. :) Thanks!

  13. If anyone has a rebate form to spare I’d appeciate it. I can pay you via PayPal immediately for P/H.


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