Walgreens Accused of Coupon Fraud

Check out this article: Walgreens-accused-coupon-fraud

It is about Register Rewards that were sent in for redemption that seemed to be fraudulent.  The person who was checking them in said “She noticed that most were not creased. Then she found duplicates and triplicates, even though each coupon was supposed to be unique. And some of the bundles were in numerical order the way they were printed, even though they were supposed to be collected in the order of redemption.”

Also “an audit of the coupons revealed that more than 1,000 stores claimed to have issued more coupons than the number of bottles they had in stock”.  For example… seven stores had issued more than 100 coupons each. One store issued a whopping 1,306 coupons.

I have always hated shopping at Walgreens and now I have yet another reason to dislike that store!!!!

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  1. Katie in FL says:

    I won’t shop there anymore because they NEVER have the sale items in stock.

  2. I try not to shop there as much too only because my local Walgreens always gives me a hard time with my coupons.

  3. Yeah, it’s such a hassle to shop there.

  4. Catherine Tabor says:

    I love my walgreens …..used to have problems but not anymore since a new manager! :)

  5. I agree, I NEVER walk out of that store happy. Every time I think I have figured out all of their rules and quirks, I still leave annoyed without the deals I went in for. I have completely given up going there, I don’t care how tempting the deal is.

  6. I like walgreens ok, but I don’t go there very often. I don’t understand the article. Is it saying employees of the store were cheating with the RRs or is this customers doing the cheating. I feel the employees from the store where I shop are careful with their policy dealing with coupons and RRs.

    • I think they are claiming that the store rang up a ton of RRs from a product over and over just to get the coupons to submit to be redeemed (but the store never sold the product)

  7. I started couponing recently and I LOVE shopping at Walgreens. They have the nicest employees and are very patient with me every time I take out my coupons. I am so sorry to hear that some of you didn’t have a good experience with them.

  8. It is very difficult to coupon shop at walgreens. I have always disliked their policy to mark down coupons to the exact amount and then turn them in for the full amount. They are ripping off the customer and the manufacturer of the coupon. The entire night crew at my cvs was fired a few days ago for using $5 revlon coupons to shop for regular grocery items. Multiple walmart employees were using $9 tide coupons a 2 year old could have figured out were fraudulent. I got cursed at and pointed out by a publix employee for being a scammer because I returned gas-x prevention due to the recall. IT is getting out of control.

  9. I love my local Walgreens and have gotten to know the different managers. If they are out of an item, I always get a raincheck :)

  10. Lisa Hahn says:

    I agree in Northern California they never the the items they advertise for,the ones for rewards,so why even put it up for sale with rewards back? when they actually have an items instock its like 3-5 items and thats it so you never get a chance to but the item if you dont go the first day and they dont do rainchecks on rewards at walgreens.big mess there in that store.just last week I went to get the kids brain health vitamins and had the $10 rewards and they look at you crazy like what item? and they search for 20 min and say well we must not have gotten that item in,sorry lol its a waste to go there

  11. Walgreens is a pain!

  12. I don’t have one locally but I needed to pickup items in another area and to make it worth my time I stop by this Walgreens (area over 1hr away). This item was featured and they had it in stock. I used the reward on my next purchase and spend any rewards while there. My rewards did not have creases in them. I know I’m not the only one that rolls these rewards. If they expect me to wait for the next time I’m in Walgreens then I will have to stop shopping there. I will not travel 1hr every week: its just not realistic with gas prices as high as they are.

    • I agree that SOME may not have creases because of people wanting to roll deals… however when you look at ALL the info together it sure seems shady

  13. Walgreens is my least favorite store…Hope they have to pay a hefty fine

  14. I won’t go there anymore, either, even for money makers. It is just not worth it. My deals are never what I think they should be there and there is basically no customer service.

  15. I like my Walgreens But have not shopped there in a while due to the lack of time. Lack of product is another issue. The other is that fact I need filler items and can’t seem to find low cost ones just to use the RR. Overall, I like them. The employees have been really nice when I go. Its really sad this is happening however, they are liable just the same.

    • thats one of the main reasons I don’t show there anymore… the filler items that are needed to use the RRs. I just got tired of having to buy all these things I don’t want just to use a coupon along with the RR (CVS does not require you to do that)

      • I totally agree. The filler thing irks me like crazy, it just is not right!!! If I have coupons for the items and I am buying the items, then why do I have to buy an extra junky thing just to make all the coupons cooperate and go through.

        And the last RR I got said ONLY redeemable at Walgreens, which annoys me as well, why can’t I use the money at any store I’d like if it says manufacturer coupon on the top (which this RR actually did say at the top). Boo on them!

  16. I agree that Walgreens is a pain to shop and something does seem off with this story. I hesitate to jump to conclusions until all the facts are out. Couponers know how to roll register rewards to get free items though. I’ve been on some blogs where ppl discuss getting 40-50 items free items in one shopping trip by doing many, many transactions. Perhaps its a few fraudulent managers rather than the company as a whole.

  17. Iris Jarfree says:

    the stores around me are great.

  18. I used to go in walgreens alot shopping ….they always had pretty decorations..some of them might have been overpriced but they were always nice just for decoratiing ..But here lately everything they advertised they never have…I went in there the other day looking for something they had advertised for the valentine ad paper and I went in there and they didnt even have the valentine stuff out oranything set yet!

  19. Shame on you Walgreens. You harass me at the store yet you try to scam a manufacturer on your end. I hate everything about Walgreens. Geographically they are not close to my home or work. When I get to the store they are always out of stock on the sale/deal items. I get harassed about my coupons – especially the printed coupons. And the worst was purchasing filler items because of their coupon policy. I live in the DC Metro area so some stores filler items are $1.00!; thus, not making my purchase NOT dealworthy. Then if by chance Walgreens did have something in stock the RR has a short shelf compared to CVS ECBs.

    I am total a CVS fan – ECBs longer expiration dates, American Express gift cards during the holidays, etc.

  20. Jessi Berggren says:

    I went there yesterday to buy a Visa Gift Card for my husband’s employee. I wanted to use my bank account card as credit so I could get points. The clerk told me I could only use cash or debit to purchase a credit card. First of all it is not a credit card (no credit is involved). It is a gift card that I decide how much should be the balance. I politely told her that made no sense because I have bought the American Express Cards (for the ECBS) at CVS with my JC Penneys card and had no issues. So, then I paid with debit and on my way home I called 1-800-walgreens.
    The lady I spoke with was reading off of the computer and told me the customer could pay with cash, debit, or credit. Then she put me on hold and came back saying the customer had to pay with cash. I told her I just payed with debit. Then she asked exactly what card I had bought. I told her and she read off the computer (again) that the customer can pay for a visa gift card with cash, debit, or credit. There was nothing I could do about losing my 300 points on my card, but I just wanted to show how amazing it is that some clerks and even customer service reps don’t know what they’re talking about and unfortunately Walgreens is usually a prime offender for me.

  21. emily cummings says:

    The one I go to is great, it all depends on the cashiers and manager… last time I was there my battery died while I was in the store and the manager came out and gave me a jump-start! I don’t go very often or buy a lot of items there, I just look for the best deals posted and get those things. Sometimes they are in stock, sometimes not!

  22. Whether all of the information is factual or not like several others on this post I avoid Walgreens. I have two within less than a mile from my home. They’re rude, they think couponers are crooks, and then NEVER have any items in stock. If you do get a raincheck by the time the item is in stock the coupon has expired. Walgreens is a waste of time!

  23. What most people are missing from this is that these $10 coupons need to be filed at the end of the night. When we all turn in coupons they always place them in a bag or under the cash till. So when you turn in thousands of coupons, these coupons were stacked and sorted, not by just one person but hundreds. So when there are no creases, tears, or stain by normal wear and tear, then yes it does bring up some red flags. No matter if you didn’t fold your coupon, some where in the sorting of these they would have been. So for thousand of these coupons to be stacked numerically is a bit odd. When every I shop at Walgreens, I’m always denied when it comes to using coupons. If the item is $.99 and I have a $1 off coupon, they won’t take it no matter what. Even with the policy in hand that states that they price down the coupon. I even run into problems for using a coupon for something that isn’t pictured on the coupon. If I have a $1 off Vicks coupon good for any Vicks product and I want to get the Vick couch drops at $.97, because that product wasn’t pictured on the coupon, I can not use that coupon for that item. It’s totally ridiculous and no matter what you say, they always stand their ground. Could you imagine if every coupon had every product it was good for on it….coupons wouldn’t be worth anything because they would be full of the products listed.

    • Call corporate. They come down really hard on stores who get complaints- big time. Even when the customer is in the wrong the employees still get into trouble.

  24. This just means, what little I shop there, things will be even harder to buy there. Ever since we got a new Walgreen’s manager it’s harder to shop there. They give me trouble all the time for my coke rewards free 12 packs. They say that there is fraud ones out there and they won’t take them. Even though I point out that it has a seal and the paper is too thick for just printing it off. Walmart won’t accept them either. I decided that instead of tearing off the coupons and I leave the whole thing whole and hand them the whole thing to them and make them tear it off. They still try to tell me it could be a fraud but I tell them, how in the world can I copy that? So they at least they take them now but they don’t like it.

    • I totally agree with you on the keeping the coupon attached to the sheet and letting them tear it off. I had a manager tell me one time that the gillette razor coupon was a fraud because it was expiring at the end of the month. I told him all P&G coupons expire at the end of the month. He ended up getting his box cutter out to cut the extra paper off of the ends of the coupons and he end up shredding the coupon in several pieces because he was acting crazy mad… needless to say, I don’t shop at walgreens anymore, too much of a hassle.

      • I had a manager SCREAMING at me at one store because I was using a store coupon and manuf coupon and he claimed he was sick of people scamming his store. OMG learn your own companies policies PLEASE!!!!

  25. I used to do coupons in the store that I worked at. The most important thing is that the stores can show that they have the stock to cover the coupons used. And the most interesting thing about that was that it was corporate wide. This is not fraud. it is basically a reward for the retailer to recoup a bit more of a deal that they get from the suppliers.
    coupons are boxed up and sent to a clearing house, which pays for the coupons by the pound, not dollar value. The ones that get reimbursed dollar value is the clearing house, hence the 8 cent ( or more) handling in the fine print. Our walgreens are great stores, don’t paint all stores with the label until it is proven otherwise.

  26. I love my Walgreens. I have a CVS and a Walgreens within walking distance from my home. Walgreens has product most of the time for their sales, but my CVS is always, always wiped out. The filler item thing does suck, and I wish they would do away with it. But I much prefer being able to get some deals, instead of none at all.

  27. I find that Walgreens is hit or miss depending on the store. They never seem to have sale items or they don’t have enough of them to do the coupon deal so I just stopped going there. Being a working mom I found other places that have stock easier to shop.

  28. I stopped shopping at Walgreens. Didn’t have items in stock. Not coupon friendly. Poor customer service.

  29. I so agree Amy!!! I tried to go there several times when I first started couponing and decided it was not worth the hassle. I don’t even look at their ads/sales anymore. The only time I ever “buy” anything there is when they offer the free photo collages – then I just walk in, pick that up and walk out.

  30. I totally agree as well! I have had absolutely horrible experiences with Walgreens in terms of customer service, lack of ease using coupons and just overall rudeness. I only go in for the free pictures too, and usually I send my husband in to pick them up so I don’t even have to walk in! I hope Walgreens has to pay some hefty penalities or has some repercussions from this!

  31. Love my walgreens …always helpfu and find good deals too.

  32. I’ve pretty much given up on Walgreen’s too. Very little of the freebies in stock, major hassles about using coupons, cashiers who repeatedly make mistakes — and then don’t have the authority to fix the mistake thus forcing a looooong wait for a manager. I do think where you live makes a difference. While my Walgreen’s are awful, the one near my parents in New Hampshire is much better. Still not CVS, but better. They are also waaaaay overpriced on prescriptions. I tried to refill my Imitrex at Walgreens over Thanksgiving and they were charging $196 for the same exact generic that costs $22 at Big Y. Yikes!

  33. Interesting article. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. It reminds me of the story about Target cheating customer out of the full value of her coupons. Here is the link to the results of the lawsuit and the original complaint: http://blog.al.com/bargain-mom/2011/05/target_coupon_lawsuit_update_a.html

    • I have had similar issues with a local Target! I had to contact corporate several times. I figured it was happening elsewhere too.

  34. My comment is based on Walgreens experience at stores in Georgia in my area. I feel as though the cashiers as well as the managers need to be educated in customer service. The cashiers seems like they are afraid of the register. Don’t let the register start beeping. They begin to freak out. They cannot trouble shoot to save their life. I understand their policies better than the employees. My experience was always terrible at any of the Walgreens I have visited. I had to call corporate on a store manager before. I have a friend that works for Walgreens in Florida. When she visits, she is very shocked at the lack of knowledge the employees have. Bottom line, I refuse to shop where my money is not appreciated. Their sales are not that great. Their system does not make sense at all… You need more items than register rewards, etc. When I look through my Sunday paper, I don’t even bother to look through their circular. I have a better experience at Rite Aid and CVS. In all honesty, I hope they learn from their mistakes and change for the better for those who enjoy the Walgreens experience.

  35. Bad experiences in Arizona and now in Indiana – items out, cashiers always give me attitude when presenting coupons. I go across the street to CVS and the employees are so friendly, helpful and NEVER give me any hassle on coupons or ECB’s. Always have the items stocked too :) I usually pass up any coupon deals Walgreen’s has, just isn’t worth it to me.

  36. u know….i meen, all of u….u can make as many negative comments about walgreens…but, u (all of you) can’t stop shopping at ur local store…so suck it up, n be a team player…there are rules to be follow every were u go, just like showing a kid(ur next gen) not to still….;o)….life happy and be concider….

  37. What I love the best about ECB is being able to use them for milk where RR excludes milk!

  38. They’ve been shooting themselves in the foot a lot recently. They lost a lot of customers permanently when they stopped working with Express Script and Blue Cross. I heard a radio story saying industry analysts couldn’t figure out why they did it, it was a lose lose situation for Walgreens. And a win for Krogers, who got my perscription business and for me cuz I got a gift card for transferring them. Forget Walgreens.

    • I just wrote a post about the Express Script thing…. supposedly it wasn’t Walgreens doing on that one (or so they say)

  39. I have no problems shopping at my Walgreens or CVS for that matter. I live in an area where there are a whole lot of Walgreens and a CVS’s in about a 10 mile radius. If one store seems to be giving me a particular problem, I just go to the next one. The guilty parties should be dealt with but the store will go on. To everyone that won’t shop there anymore, that just means more coupon, in-store, clearance deals for us!


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