Orlando Readers: Albertsons Closing Stores

Albertsons has announced that they will be closing all of their stores in Orlando EXCEPT the Altamonte Springs location in early June.  The stores will begin a liquidation sale May 9.

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  1. magdalena says:

    same in key west fl

  2. Oh that is such a bummer. I always load up on chicken and pork chops at Publix when Albertsons runs their buy 1 get 2 free coupons. I loved that my Publix accepted those coupons. I don’t live too far from Altamonte so I guess I might have to make special trips when they pop up.

  3. The only thing good there are the chicken prices and sometimes the hamburger. Their prices are much higher than publix and their stores are junky not to mention their coupon policy stinks. I remember a year ago I emailed them stating if they continued publix would push them out of the market and lo and behold there they go.

  4. Hawkeye1966 says:

    I’ll miss my Winter Springs store (where several of my home Oviedo location ended up when it shuttered first a few years back) for the inexpensive crab legs that appear from time to time along with their great prices on chicken and some veggies – but especially for the clearanced meats! Can’t tell you how many mornings I would go there to stock on up ground beef.

  5. magdalena says:

    ps. people saing that today is 30% off ???

  6. oh no!!!! It will be no competition for Publix now for sure. Bummer. I love their seafood section, great pricing!

  7. has anyone been over to the location in apopka? has the sale started yet? do they accept publix and winn dixie coupons (the $5 off $30 purchase ones)?

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