Shell Spin to Save Instant Win Game

Bumping this again for those that may have missed it….

I just got back from the gas station and paid 1.9¢ per gallon because of the rewards from this program !!!  This is completely LEGIT.

Play the Shell Spin To Save Instant Win Game for a chance at some great prizes like gas for a year, a free tank of gas or discounts on gas.

**you can do 3 spins so if you dont get a high amount the first time, spin again (it is pretty easy to get 25¢ off per gallon up to 20 gallons)

My receipt is hard to read but I got 18.38 gallons @ 1.9¢ per gallon and paid 35¢ total (you can get an additional 5¢ off per gallon for each person that signs up under you which is how I got such a high savings but you can get 25¢ off per gallon up to 20 gallons from this “Spin to Save” game)

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  1. Michelle says:

    I gotta say, we are more than happy to help you save so much more because we sign up under your referral. You save me a ton of money from your website, so I feel like I help you out a little by having you as my referral. Thanks for all you do, and awesome about the cheap gas!!!!!

  2. what if I already have the card, can I still spin? and can you explain a little how it works now that I have the card. Thanks!

    • Did you spin before you signed up before? If not there is a way to do it on an existing account but I am on my tablet and cant figure it out right now

  3. I only got 5 cents off :( …..but I am not sure what I do with the card now? because you only get the cash off for one fill up right??

    • yes you only get one fill up with that discount but you can earn discounts from other ways as well… I think you get perks if you scan it before filling up each time and linking it to your winn dixie card but I really need to read more into all the ways

    • did you spin 3 times? someone else had said you can just play again if you don’t end up with 25 cents, I didnt try it because I got 25 cents on my second spin

  4. Sheer awesomeness with that fillup! They haven’t moved the program to Atlanta yet, but I’m looking forward to using the savings when they do.

  5. Danielle says:

    WOW! That may be the BEST deal I’ve ever seen…

  6. do i have to wait to receive my card? how do i redeem… and can u explain what my spin means? does it take that much off per galon (ex .10 off each gallon)?
    dont understand how u paid only .02 cents per gallon

    • Yes you have to wait for the card to be shipped to you but once it arrives it will have your discount on it… so if you spin and get 25 cents, it will take that amount off each gallon up to 20 gallons (basically you will save $5 off your gas if you can get the full 20 gallons into your tank (or bring a gas can with you to top it off to 20 gallons)

      as I said at the bottom of my post, my discount was so large because on top of the discount from spinning (I got 25 cents from that) you can also get 5 cents per gallon off for each person that signs up under you – obviously I can get a lot of ppl under me since I have a blog)

      Then there are other ways to earn rewards as well which I need to look into

  7. can we use the same login as before to respin, i really want to pump at shell (a block away) again but shell is so expensive

    • I don’t think you can play again if you already played unless you signed up for another account somehow (not sure if it would let you sign up another member in your household or not)

  8. Jack Fritz says:

    is it just me, or do the numbers go poof when you spin and nothing happens???

  9. I got .25/gallon discount from the game and filled up for $3.05/gallon last week. I could only pump 12 gallons so I’ll lose the discount on the remaining 8 gallons. As I understand the promo the discount is for up to 20 gallons but it has to be in one transaction. If anyone knows differently, please post! There arent any stores in my area that I can link my card to so I dont know how to earn any more discounts.

    • yes it has to be all in one fill up….. I have brought gas cans with me before in the past when I had a lot in fuel perks

  10. So this is only a one time savings thing? Not every time you fill up?

    • the one amount you get from spinning is for one 20 gallon fill up.. then you can earn other rewards for furture fill ups as well


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