Coupon for Free Triscuits

You will need to hurry to get your  FREE box of Triscuits

**if you don’t get one today, they will be doing this every day at different times through 9/9

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  1. Judy Leighton says:

    It makes me mad that we have to add any topping to this perfectly healthy snack. With the obesity problem in the U.S. seems like more commercials should promote healthy eating.

  2. Jessica Long says:

    I actually got one! I never get to these in time. I am super excited, I really like the rosemary flavor they used to have. I love triscuts!

  3. r they emailing this coupon or mailing it?

  4. i think it wont let us if we’ve done a complaint b4. i tried this link the last time u posted it, and it said i had already done it.

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