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denture cleanser tablets

Did you know that effervescent denture cleanser tablets can be used for so many cleaning projects?  In fact, Kaley’s orthodontist recommeded them for cleaning her retainers (she has been using them for about a year now).

They make for easy no-scrub to light-scrub cleaning of gunky, crusty, calcified, stained and hard-to-clean items.  Adjust the number of tablets accordingly for volume of water, size of item, and of course… the gunk and grime factor.  Plus these tablets use up much less space and packaging materials than conventional store bought cleansers.

Great uses for effervescent denture cleanser tablets:

  • Toilet – toss from 3-6 in the bowl for quick clean before company arrives. Let sit 20-30 minutes, swish and flush — and the clean minty scent is a plus.
  • Bathtub –  add as many as 10 tabs or more, depending on dirt level,  to hot water and let soak.
  • Porcelain sinks –  soak 30 mins to remove tough stains. Leaves sparkling.
  • Coffeemakers – fill reservoir with water, add a few tabs, soak and rinse thoroughly (don’t run thru a heated cycle)
  • Enamel / Glass / Stainless cookware – soak to remove burnt-on spots and crusty stuff
  • Antique vases, bowls (without metal trim) – clean inside of small necked vases, cruets without scrubbing
  • Liquid fabric dispensers – remove from washing machine and soak in bucket about 60 minutes – or overnight w/extra tabs if there’s lots of gunky build up
  • Little stuff – ideal for mani-pedi tools, toothbrush holders, hanging shower racks, soap holders,  hair clips, hair brushes & combs, pen/pencil holders, plastic flatware/cosmetic trays, draw pulls, cabinet handles, ceramics, removable small fan covers, switch plates  etc.

At just pennies per tablet, the generic store brands work just as well as the more costly name brands.  A generic box of 90 costs about 3-4 cents per tablet — a bargain for the amount of scrubbing time it saves.

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  7. I would love to try cleaning the toilet with denture cleaner! I have tried it once before but I only used 1 tablet, not 3-6 like your directions state, so that’s probably why it didn’t work very well :)

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  14. I would like to try and use them to clean the shower head. I know that wasn’t one of the uses listed, but maybe if you soaked it in a cup of water with a couple of these it would clean it really well. I always worry about using harsh chemicals on my shower head and then showering.

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  17. I would like to try it on the toilet.

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