All Current Jingit Ads – One Ad Working

Have you done Jingit Today???

If you haven’t signed up to Jingit yet, GO HERE to sign up.  I have already requested my debit card and have earned enough to add $18 onto it and I just started about 2-3 weeks ago.  Each day you can watch the ads below to earn money !!! **make sure you answer the question to get the money added into your account

These are all working now:

These haven’t worked the past few days:

Do mobile check-ins to earn even more (people have gotten $10 and $50 doing check-ins at Walmart before !!!)

Thanks Freebies4Mom for compiling the list of ads

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  1. Jello 4-Packs & mixins links don’t work any more.

  2. I could only get the S’Mores ad to work.

  3. None of them worked for me.

    • I just went to see is Smore reset again and its not working now for me either :(

      Guess we will have to wait for the next round of ads to come out

      • I’ve gone through the original websites as well as your links and none of them are working for me. (sad face!) Like you said, waiting (eagerly) for new round of ads to come come out!

        I just ordered my card and once I get it I’ll be putting $15 on it! How exciting!

  4. is anyone able to do the jello or smores ads this morning i cant as well as 2 others i know who jingit?

  5. yep all the links worked yesterday for me but NONE are working today. guess they ended :(

  6. None are working for me this morning as well

  7. Ok so im new to jingit and i am trying to figure this whole thing out – i ordered my card & managed to get like $6 on my account for when the card gets here but now there are no ads that will let me view them – how do i find ads that are working? i was hoping to be able to make this a daily thing making a little xtra cash but am wondering now is that even possible?

  8. None of them work, all of them say check back later. It’s been like this for days now. :(

  9. I just added a new Snickers link for 25 cents !!

  10. jingit has reached it’s limit for the month of October. New links will be out in November. They said to keep and eye out for new ads.

  11. Is there a fee to get the card? Also, is that the only was to use the money?

    • yes it will deduct $3 for the card but I have already made almost $16 to add to my card so it is still well worth the time even if it takes out that $3.

      You can also use the money to buy song downloads but the price seemed high to me when I looked at it

  12. Thanks-Amy!

  13. Jack Fritz says:


    made $3.00 today with check ins

  14. after signing up two months ago, I have repeatedly tried to get in and it keeps asking for a fast pass.

    • I have never heard of that before…. when does it ask for that? I just signed up a month ago and requested my debit card and have $19 now to put on it (hoping to get to $20 in the next few days – going to walmart later to do some checkins)

    • Are you putting in your correct cell phone number? They sent me my pass code on my cell phone.

  15. L Crawford says:

    I have not been able to get any ads to work for me for the past two days :(

  16. None of these work now.

  17. None of the links work anymore. I haven’t found any working ads for two or three days?

  18. There is a ad working Crazy glue if you want to update. Its the only one working as of now. Can get the link on fb jingit page.

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