Swagbucks Gift Cards Go On Sale

Here is some fun news from swagbucks.com

  • Starting November 1st, all gift card prices will be cut except for the $5 Amazon.com gift card, which will remain the same.
  • Monthly redemption limits are gone (except for the $5 Amazon Gift Card); daily limit remains at 2 gift cards per day
  • $5 gift cards will be 500, $10 gift cards will be 1000, and so on
  • While the $5 and $10 PayPals are being phased out, the $25 is now just 2500 Swag Bucks, which means it’s 1000 Swag Bucks less than it would have been to get five $5 cards.

WISH I HAD KNOWN THIS EARLIER TODAY before I paid 539 swagbucks for a $5 Walmart gift card :(

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  1. I agree

  2. I’m just glad I didn’t cash in for the $50 Paypal card I’ve been saving for when I hit the total the other day. It would have cost me 1330 more swagbucks then than it will now!

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