$10 off $10 Kohls Coupon

Keep your eyes out for a Kohls home mailer with a $10 off $10 coupon in it !!!

**valid on Black Friday

Thanks For the Mommas

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  1. What state do you live in & did this go out to everyone in your area or is this for those signed up for khols emails?

  2. i got it about 2 weeks ago.. i live in lombard, illinois. no idea why i got it. I don’t have a kohls charge. but did sign up for emails.

  3. I love when these show up! I “recycle” at my apartment complex, and it is the best money I make all week :-) Then I share my findings with my aunt and cousin and they love me!

  4. I live in So CA and we got a green mailer with save $10 off $10 valid the till Nov 17th. No other coupons came with it.

  5. jessica long says:

    I got this last week ( I also pulled about 7 out of our community mailbox trash, I might go get some stuff for baskets!!)

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