BJs Wholesale Club for the Holiday #BJsHoliday

Today I had the pleasure of joining a few bloggers at BJs Wholesale Club for a media event and I had so much fun.  Whether you are looking for holiday decor or kitchenware, delicious food for holiday meals, a new Christmas tree, blow up outdoor decorations or the hottest kids toys like Furbies or Legos, BJs Wholesale Club is definitely the place to shop.

I loved so many of their holiday decorations and gift ideas.  These wine boxes are just so cute!  I actually may go back and buy them myself !!!

Looking for a unique gift idea? How about the Baby Cakes cake pop maker or waffle stick maker !  I was totally jumping up and down when they gave me this for joining them at the media event.  My kids are going to think this is so neat !!!

Another thing I love is that BJs Wholesale club makes it so easy to cater a party with all their frozen hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, dessert platters and sub trays which not only look good but taste great (I got to try so many of their wonderful products).

Bjs Wholesale club is the only club that allows the use of manuf coupons.  Plus you can stack store coupons which are found at the front of the store with the manuf coupons to save even more.  One of the most exciting things that I learned is that you can use 2 manuf coupons on a 2-pack, 5 manuf coupons on a 5-pack, etc. The savings can really add up when you do that !!!

Plus you can still get a a Free 60-Day Trial Membership from Facebook, which can be activated at any time thru December 31.  The risk-free, trial membership consists of full-member benefits and no surcharge.  Right now would be the perfect time to join because there are just so many great holiday deals to find.  I actually signed up for one today and can’t wait to start hunting for great deals.   The price on milk ($2.99 per gallon), eggs ($3.19 for 18 ct) and meat really can’t be beat at many other stores.  Keep your eyes out soon for all my BJ’s shopping posts !!!

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  1. Amy, Just because you said “to be on the look out for your upcoming BJ posts”, thats the only reaosn i am going to sign up for the 60 day i saw the coupon in one of these sunday inserts, and ive been thinking about it..but i didn’t want to miss any sales or deals…ive never shopped at BJ before. Thanks in advance!!

    • once i found out you can use multiple manuf coupons on the multipacks, I was sold. I bet I will be able to find some good deals that way.

      Some top BJs manager came down just for this even and he was the one who told us AND its in the paperwork that they gave us about their coupon guideline.

      I will be blogging more about all of this in future posts once I start shopping there. The milk price is just so good !!!

    • also they will ask if you want to trade the 60 days in for a discount on their membership. They offered me $40 for 14 months and if you don’t want the membership after your 60 days, you can get your money back (I chose to stick to the free trial since I have a Sams membership right now through Kevin)

      However if I see that I am getting a lot of good deals, I will be joining !!!

      If you go through one gallon of milk a week, you will save about a $1 a week from other grocery store prices… that pays for your membership right there !!!

  2. So glad you will be doing BJ’s posts!!! I have had a membership there for years, because we drink so much milk the savings on that alone was worth the membership! Cat litter is $8.99 for 40lb !

  3. Another great thing about BJ’s is they have a bunch of coupons on a rack when you walk in, and they change every month or so. Great for stacking. If you’re a member you get an additional coupon booklet mailed to you monthly. Didn’t know about the multiple coupons for multipacks. Thanks!

    • they told us the front display store coupons change every 2 weeks. The free trial memberships sadly DO NOT get the mailed coupons which come out once a month (I asked about those when I signed up)

      • Every two weeks is great. Too bad they don’t do the coupon mailers to trial members (it might be a great incentive to join). The one near us also has full service deli and gas station!

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