Current Jingit Ads – 2 New Ones

Have you done Jingit Today???

If you haven’t signed up to Jingit yet, GO HERE to sign up.  I have already requested my debit card and have earned enough to add $18 onto it and I just started about 2-3 weeks ago.  Each day you can watch the ads below to earn money !!! **make sure you answer the question to get the money added into your account

This ad is working now (worked on 11/15):

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  1. Can you help me, I keep getting the Elmer’s ad, thanks…

  2. For some reason it just takes me to the Jingit homepage and no ads for me, another ad from somewhere else does the same thing.

  3. I cant seem to watch them again says i have no new ads help me figure it out please

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