Easy Access Bandages + Easy Care First Aid Kits – Giveaway

I never really thought I would say that I was excited about bandages or first aid kits but these are just SO COOL !!!

These Easy Access Bandages can be applied with just one hand.  Inside the box are (2) 15 ct packs of bandages.  When you pull one out of the stapled package, it peels off one side of the bandage for you.  Then you just need to lay the sticky part onto your skin and peel off the other side.

Plus to help you save some money on these bandages, there is a printable $1 off coupon on their Facebook page.


The Easy Care First Aid Kit has everything you need for almost any injury.  It contains 6 large pockets, each labeled by injury, and each pocket contains lots of products to help with that injury.  This first aid kit is by far the best one I have ever seen before !!!

Pockets include:

  1. Cuts and Scrapes
  2. Blisters, Splinters and Stings
  3. Bleeding, Wounds and Burns
  4. Headaches and Pain
  5. Sprains and Strains
  6. CPR and Shock

Picture of pocket 3:

You can find these Easy Care First Aid Kits at stores like CVS, Target, Sears, Drugstore.com, Buy.com and more.


One reader is going to win a pack of Easy Access Bandages and an Easy Care First Aid Kit.

To enter, leave a comment stating which section of the first aid kit would get used the most.

I will end this giveaway on 11/14 at 5 pm EST

Disclosure: I was given a product to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I think the most used section would be Headaches and Pain..but it would still be nice to have the other stuff in case of an emergency!

  2. With two boys the pocket for cuts and scrapes would be used the most.

  3. The easy access bandages would be great for me since I live alone and its hard to manage when one hand is hurt.

  4. L Crawford says:

    With three kids into sports you never know what little emergency you come up with. I know I would use everything 1-5 but hope I would never need #6

  5. Headaches & pain for sure!

  6. Melissa R says:

    The easty access bandages would get the most use because I live a lone and am always cutting or hurting myself accidently.

  7. With a 6 year old daughter who loves to just put bandaids on all the time i woud defiantely use the easy acess bandages.

  8. cuts and scrapes.

  9. Tori Chauvin says:

    Definitely the cuts and scrapes kit

  10. Kim Thomas says:

    Cuts and Scrapes sounds right

  11. I think ‘headaches and pain’ would be used the most. But the piece of mind knowing the other sections are in the kit would be great as well.

  12. It would definitely be the Cuts and Scrapes section. My son goes through band-aids like wildfire!

  13. headaches and pain would get used the most

  14. Headaches and Pain for sure! Wish there was a cure lol

  15. The band-aids would be most used, without a doubt!

  16. margaret kenny says:

    Headache section for sure lol

  17. cuts and scrapes no doubt!

  18. I think the cuts and scrapes section would get the most use by my 2 1/2 year old!

  19. MichelleC. says:

    I would have to say all of it really. My DD rides horses and I can’t tell you how many tree whacks, saddle rubs, sprained ankles, blisters, etc…she’s gotten. As another posted mentioned I would hope to never need #6 but if I did need it, it would be a relief to know it was on hand.

    Thanks for another great give away Amy..Good Luck Everyone :)

  20. #1-#4 would get used most. These would also be great kits for older folks who have arthritis, too.

  21. I would definitely want the bleeding, wounds and burns–
    my husband hunts and fishes and is always cutting and
    jabbing himself with fish hooks

  22. the cuts and scrapes would be used the most in my house. With 4 kids (two of them daredevil boys) that was an easy question to answer. :)

  23. Paula Rowell says:

    Easy access band-aid section for sure.

  24. Shelly Hand says:

    I would use the cuts and scrapes the most. I have 2 teenage boys and a 6 year old daughter who is just as rough.

  25. The cuts & scrapes section. My active grandson causes me to always be out of band aids.

  26. With kids definitely the cuts and scrapes!

  27. Definitely the cuts and scrapes would get the most use.

  28. With 3 kids, cuts and scrapes would be the most used for me!

  29. i think the cuts and scraps will get the most use

  30. Nicole H. says:

    The cuts and scrapes section- bandaids that can be applied with one hand. With kids, I only have one free hand most of the time. :)

  31. All the sections would get used the most in my house – my dad and I are both EMT’s and these kits look great to restock jumpbags – the sectioned pockets look like they would make it easy to find what you need fast!

  32. Definitely cuts and scrapes in my house! Three kids, 2 of which are boys!!

  33. bleeding, wounds, & burns-esp burns, slightly,every so often, while cooking in the kitchen.

  34. cuts and scrapes for sure!

  35. Jennifer Clay says:

    Head aches & Pain!

  36. I would use headaches and pain.

  37. Probably headache and pain :)

  38. Stephanie says:

    3 boys – cuts and scrapes

  39. With having little ones….it probably would be the cuts and scrapes section that would be used the most.

  40. It is so hard to pick just one item that would be used most! LOL Probably the bandaids since we seem to get lots of cuts and scrapes here. But the first aid kit items would be a close second

  41. Maryann D. says:

    The easy access bandages would be used first, I always have cuts on my hands.

  42. Samantha C. says:

    The cuts and scrapes would be used the most.

  43. With boys in my house, it would ALL be used.

  44. The headaches and pain would be used the most for me.

  45. cuts and scrapes kit

  46. Cuts and Scrapes…but what a great item to send camping with my scout!

  47. Carolyn Schofield says:

    With two kids…cuts and scrapes

  48. That would be a toss up between splinters and cuts and bleeding!!!

  49. Headaches & pain .

  50. Nicole-Lynn says:

    The bleeding, wounds and burns would happen the most in our household!


  51. The easy access bandages would be the items used the most at my house. Second place would be for headache and pain. Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. The easy access for sure and headache and pain comes next on the list

  53. We are a very active family so splinters and cuts plus bleeding would be used first. But a first aid bag where all the supplies would be located is great thing for the home.

  54. I would probably use the Bleeding, Wounds and Burns most – I am always burning myself when I cook.

  55. Bandages go first all the time!

  56. Definitely the cuts and scrapes would get the most use! Thanks!

  57. Headaches and Pain

  58. Lorelei2012 says:

    Definitely the bleeding, wounds and burns would get used the most! Between yard work and baking . . . definitely!

  59. Jack Fritz says:

    2 kids – cuts and scrapes!

  60. #1 cuts and scrapes

  61. sandra desler says:

    I have a need for the headache and pain packet. As a single person with multiple disabilities, there always seems to be a use for all the other packets from cutting myself in the kitchen to bruising myself in the bath, I can use them all. Thank you for introducing this item.

  62. Lisa Hoover says:

    The easy access bandages would by far be used the most in our home.

  63. Jessica R-G says:

    Cuts and Scrapes… I have three boys, nuff said! haha!

  64. Id say cuts and scrapes

  65. Cuts and scrapes….3 boys require a lot of bandaids!

  66. Definitely use Cuts and Scrapes!

  67. Janine Koscica says:

    Definately the cuts and scrapes.

  68. definitely the cuts and scrapes section would be used the most.

  69. Michelle O. says:

    With four young children, the cuts and scrapes section would most definitely be used the most around this house :) Thanks for the chance to win this – it looks really practical.

  70. Cuts and scrapes

  71. Cuts and scrapes.

  72. I think it would be #3, the bleeding, wounds, and burns. ‘coz if there is bleeding there might be either cuts or scrapes and there is wound. but not all times there might be burns, just to be ready. thanks

  73. bandages!

  74. This would be an awesome kit for our girl scout troop.

  75. i would say cuts and scrapes

  76. Cuts and scrapes!

  77. This is what I need to keep in my car because accidents always happen when we are out doing something.

  78. sara m ford says:

    Well with kids I would say 1 first because they play hard and fall down just as hard! Then 3 because burns happen allot with kids and 4 because you never know when your little one will get a fever

    • sara m ford says:

      I enter so many giveaways and out of all I enter I love these giveaways the most because I have very little money to get extras and to me having a first aid pack is something so important I think this is one of the best giveaways I have entered in a long time. And thank you

  79. The Bleeding, Wounds and Burns section of the first aid kit would get used the most.