Kelloggs Family Rewards – 2 New Codes


Here are 2 new Kelloggs Family Rewards codes:

  • FOODNETMAG50PNTS (50 points)
  • KFRNOWONFACEBOOK (20 points)

Plus here are some other codes:

  • goodhousemag50pt (50 points)
  • redbookKFR50pnts (50 points)
  • KFRFREEGROCERIES (50 points)
  • MYFAVCHARACTER50 (50 points)
  • HALLOWEENPARTY25 (25 Points)
  • JOINKELLOGG2SAVE (50 Points)
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS (20 points)
  • KELLOGGSMEDAL20P (20 points)
  • KFRFIBERPLUSPOLL (10 points)
  • LVNGSOCIAL25PNTS (25 Points)

**Once you get enough points, you can cash out for coupons and other rewards

Looks like there will be some good coupons coming soon:

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  1. Hi Miss Amy –

    Happy to read of the fun at the ICE show and that Kayle was getting out with her friends –
    My question – What Happened to the Super Lucky site – seems to be gone – do u know do we just lose our points we had accumulated – just thought you might know –
    Be Safe – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • they closed down and I am NOT happy. I had cashed out for $30 in amazon gift crads that I have not gotten and had enough points for another $10. :( TOTALLY STINKS

      • Oh that’s a bummer. That explains why I cashed out 3 weeks ago and haven’t got my starbucks and amazon cards…

  2. thanks for the 2 new codes!
    this one needs a lot of points to get any good stuff.
    the coke one is much better.

  3. I actually just got a $1.50 off one krave cereals for only 50 pts and also $1.50 off one fiber plus bars also for only 50 pts!

  4. Kelloggs Reward program not working for me, apparently some kind of glitch, it removed 150 points from me, and now will not let me re enter them, says they are duplicated. What a joke. Its been a waste of time for me and the program reward program with Kelloggs just not working for me, Heck, they even called me at home and they say they have no gllitches, and now won’t except the codes because they are duplicated, haha, a great sign that I already submitted prior.

  5. I’m having problems, too. I’m not even able to find the link to print the coupons I redeem my points for! Thet say there’s a bar on the left, but it never shows for me :(


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