DISH Network Customers Get Blockbuster Studio for Free in February

Blockbuster Movie Mania

Existing DISH Network customers will get Blockbuster Studio (channel 102) for free every Friday thru Sunday during February and March 2013 where there will be over 50 movies available to choose from all weekend long.

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  1. sandra thompson says:

    I want the offer from blockbuster studio that I got in the mail for existing customers. We have been with DiSh for well over 15 years and it is about time that we got a break. Thanks

  2. Not showing anything I want to see. Hope the movies get better each week.

  3. I have been a Dish Network customer for about
    10 years and this is a much appreciated free movies
    special but where are the”Blockbuster Movies?”

  4. I haven’t seen a good movie to watch yet!!!

  5. veronica karsberg says:

    HORRIBLE!! movies!!!

  6. Gail Lander says:

    Nothing worth watching!! Very disappointed!!

  7. Royce Richardson says:

    The first weeks movies were nothing that I wanted to watch. It appears that dish is trying to make up for the$5.00 a month increase and the loss of Fox News that we suffered through a few weeks ago.

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