New Shopkick Scans


I opened my ShopKick app and found several new products to scan including 100 points for Sensodyne toothpaste and 75 points for scanning 3 Rembrant products!

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  1. I have been using Shopkick for over three months and never cashed out for a giftcard. How long does it take to get it? Also is it send to the app so it’s scannable? Thanks!

    • It’s immediate… The gift card goes in the app and is scannable right then

      • Thanks! I always wondered but didn’t want to try it last minute to pay for something and then it not show up. I love using Viggle too but it gets sent to your email and it must be printed.

  2. I have been using shopkick for 15 days and have already used 4 Target giftcards :)

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