Movie Certificate on Kelloggs Family Rewards


If you have 1000 points on Kelloggs Family Rewards you can redeem it for a FREE Movie Ticket Cash Certificate (up to $12 value).  I just got 2 of them !!!

**certificate will be mailed to your home

Terms: Movie Cash Certificates can be used for one free movie admission up to $12, to any film, at any participating theater in the U.S. If the admission price is more than $12, you must pay the difference in cash to the box office. If the admission price is less than $12, no change is provided. Certificate is valid through April 12, 2013.

DON’T FORGET, you can get double Kelloggs Family Rewards points on 3/17

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  1. T. Austin says:

    I just purchased 3!! Thanks for the info!! I have been trying to figure out what to use my points on because I find it hard to spend 1000 points on (1) coupon especially when I only get 120pts for each Morningstar code. So I’ve been stockpiling my points until I figured out what to buy. This was definitely worth the 1000pts.

  2. Thank you so much! I love getting free movie vouchers. I have been saving my points hoping something like that would come up.

  3. This is great. Thanks! Just keep in mind expiration: Certificate is valid through April 12, 2013.

  4. Gumbo Steve says:

    Also note that, while the list of participating theaters is long, they seem to be smaller chains. I searched for all the theaters in my city and found none to participate. Make sure you first go through the link for Movie Cash participating theaters @

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