Try Me Free Rebate on Marc Anthony Hair Products


These were found at Walgreens

  • Try Me Free Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco
  • Try Me Free Marc Anthony Strictly Curls “Stretch” (this lengthens curly hair)

Thanks wildforwags

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  1. This was a scam. I paid 7.99 and mailed in the rebate and they sent a check for 99 cents. That’s it. I’m peeved to say the least, I would have never bought this overpriced crap product had I know they would not honor their rebate. DON”T BUY

  2. I sent out my rebate last month and received it back today saying that the P.O. Box has been closed, when the rebate is supposed to be good until August 2013.

    Wish I hadn’t purchased their product had I known something like this would happen.

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