Ivanabitch Flavored Vodkas + Cocktail Recipes


Ivanabitch Vodka comes from the Netherlands and is formulated using all-natural flavorings.  They are 70 proof and five times distilled and then filtered over active charcoal.  They are the first company to come out with a tobacco flavored vodka and it comes in both regular or menthol.

In addition to traditional vodka and the 2 new tobacco flavors, Ivanabitch also comes in these great flavors:

  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Coconut
  • Blackberry
  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Red Berry
  • Whipped Cream
  • Dutch Apple

I received a bottle of Whipped Cream vodka, Vanilla vodka and Dutch Apple vodka and as soon as I opened the box I didn’t know what to make first.


A couple of my favorite “easy” home cocktails are adding vanilla vodka to ginger ale or coke and adding whipped cream vodka to orange soda.  I also found a recipe that calls for 1 oz Apple vodka and 3 oz  chilled Monster® energy drink that sounds pretty simply to make.


Since I  love making martinis, I was definitely excited to try out some flavored martini recipes.  The first I tried was an apple martini because I had a bottle of apple matini mix so I mixed 1 oz of Ivannabitch apple vodka to 1 oz of the mix and it was so very smooth and refreshing.  This is a perfect summertime party drink!!!

The next martini I plan to try is a chocolate martini which calls for 1.5 oz vanilla vodka, .5 oz Godiva chocolate liquor, .5 oz Frangelico Liquor and 1.0 oz Baileys.  This sounds truly delicious and would be just like a dessert.

My thoughts on the Ivanabitch flavored vodkas:  these are really good, I mean REALLY good!  The flavors are very strong and super smooth.  You could seriously chill it and just drink it as a shot because it is that sweet and smooth.

You can purchase Ivanabitch at Walgreens, ABC Liquors, and other liquor stores near you.  (store locator)

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  1. Love your review! Because of you, and their hilarious website, I’ll take ten bottles! Cheers!

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