Tastefully Simple – Bountiful Beer Bread Mix and Blueberry Pineapple Margarita Mix GIVEAWAY


Tastefully Simple offers so many delicious easy-to-prepare foods.  Whether you are looking for unique foods, soups, drinks, dips or desserts for a party or just an everyday meal, you are sure to find products that everyone will love.

The Blueberry Pineapple Margarita mix was so easy to make and tasted SO GOOD.  Just remove the lid, empty the powder mix packet into the carton, add 2 1/2 cups water and 3/4 cup tequila and stir until it is completely dissolved.  Freeze for at least 12 hours and ENJOY !  It makes about 4 (8 oz) servings.

**the alcohol makes it not freeze completely solid which makes it like a slushy when scraped out of the bucket


The Bountiful Beer bread mix requires no kneading, no rising time and nothing to add but butter and beer (or any carbonated beverage).  This was actually my second time trying it and it is something that Kaley has asked me to get repeatedly since the last time I made it because she liked it so much.  I personally love how fast it is to make and that it turns into a perfect loaf every time.



Now onto the giveaway…

One reader is going to win the same 2 products that I reviewed (Blueberry Pineapple Margarita mix and Bountiful Beer bread mix)

To enter, leave a comment stating what product from the Tastefully Simple website (other than these 2 products) would be your favorite.

I will give you a second entry if you follow @tastefullysimpl on twitter

I will give you a third entry if you “Like” whosaidnothinginlifeisfree on Facebook (leave a comment stating that you did so)

I will end this giveaway on 8/14 at 5 pm EST

Disclosure: I was given the products featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Margaret Gabriele says:

    Love the sweet pepper jalapeno jam

  2. Heather G says:

    I love the chocolate pound cake!

  3. Heather G says:

    Following on twitter


  4. Diane Willoughby says:

    Blueberry Pineapple Margarita mix and beer bread of course!

  5. Suzanne H says:

    The absolutely almond pound cake mix is my favorite! It’s divine!

  6. OH MY! CHAI® I love anything. with Chai

  7. I love Tastefully Simple products – haven’t had them since moving to Orlando from SC. My family loves the beer bread and the Absolutely Almond Poundcake – so yummy!!!

  8. Lemonberry Cake and Icing Mix

  9. Claudia M says:

    GiddyUp Guacamole mix and Samba Sangria Slush Drink mix. Yummy!

  10. Chocolate Pound Cake sounds really good.

  11. Following TastefullySimpl on Twitter

  12. smores

  13. followed


  15. The Merlot Sauce looks good and versatile!

  16. Samba Sangria Slush Drink mix

  17. I’m following TastefullySimpl on Twitter

  18. Kim White says:

    Their Garlic Garlic mix is the best!

  19. Lily Lake says:

    The powdered chai drink looks good.

  20. Lily Lake says:

    I follow tastefullysimpl on twitter

  21. paprika721 says:

    Samba Sangria Slush Drink mix

  22. Nicole H. says:

    I’m following Tastefully Simple on Twitter now.

  23. Nicole H. says:

    Dried tomato and garlic pesto mix sounds wonderful!

  24. Ashley C says:

    The dill pickle dip is my current favorite! It’s so good on burgers and as a dip for veggies


  25. Garlic Garlic

  26. Rachel B. says:

    I think everything looks great but the samba sangria slush drink mix and the potato cheddar soup mix sound fantastic!

  27. Rachel B. says:

    I started following Tastefully Simple on Twitter.

  28. Sharon Hodgden says:

    My whole family loves Tastefully simple. My favorite is Sangria mix.

  29. Jessica L. says:

    Samba Sangria and Wahoo Chili Powder!

  30. Karen Walker says:

    I love the garlic, garlic.

  31. melinda b. says:

    I love all the drink mixes. I cant live without bacon bacon and green tea peppercorn seasonings.

  32. I love the jalapeño jam and potato soup!! Oh and garlic garlic!!

  33. We LOVE Tastefully Simple! But, honestly? I use the Onion Onion every day of my life. It’s a necessity.

    Also following on Twitter! Feed us! 😀

  34. Kelly Nahra (@Purpleplum8) says:

    I would have to say SUGAR & SPICE™ CHAI BREAD MIX, am following on twitter also;-) https://twitter.com/Purpleplum8

  35. Patricia Barriera says:

    Garlic Garlic!

  36. I can’t choose just one. I love Tastefully Simple! And I’m following TS on Twitter and Facebook… 😍

  37. Kelsey F. says:

    Green Tea Peppercorn is my favorite!

  38. My absolute favorite is the Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce. It is great on all kinds of meats.

  39. Spinach herb dip mix is my fav, along with garlic garlic!

  40. I love the potato soup and graham cracker pretzels

  41. I’m now following Tastefully Simple on Twitter also.

  42. Stefanie Cipperoni says:

    I love the Garlic Garlic!

  43. Joann Burns says:

    Of course the beer bread, but I love the onion, onion dip mix.

  44. Whittney E. says:

    My entire household is in love with the bountiful beer bread and the onion onion dip… We love the onion onion spices so much that we do our beat to use them not only as a dip but in as many everyday meals as possible. So yummy!

  45. Lori Hada says:

    The Almond Pound cake is my favorite! Love to use for strawberry shortcake!

  46. we liked the absolutely almond pound cake and the perfect parmesean biscuit mix, they taste exactly like Red Lobsters biscuits, yum yum

  47. kathy watson says:

    Garlic Garlic is my favorite!

  48. Tina Hedrick says:

    I just love the garlic garlic and onion onion mixes I use them as flavor on my meat stuff and in stews.

  49. Heather Miller says:

    Bayou Bourbon glaze hands down :)

  50. I love their Absolutely Almond Poundcake made with only two mashed bananas. Best dessert ever with fresh fruit on top!

  51. Absolutely Almond Pound Cake – have added mini chocolate chips and coconut to it and have created the most amazing Almond Joy-like cupcakes!! Yumm!!

  52. Jessica H. says:

    The chocolate pound cake sounds amazing!

  53. Rachelle Ochoa says:

    I simply love the Bold Buffalo Blue Cheese dip mix and the Spinach and Herb mix. I use them all the time. Sad to say that I am almost out of the Bold Buffalo.

  54. my favorite product would be the seasoned salt, it is one of the few that i have found that does not have sugar in it and for anyone who is diabetic or has a loved one that is it is wonderful!!!

  55. Love Nana’s Apple Cake!

  56. I have so many favorites its hard to choose but if I have to it would be the Lemonade Fruit dip!!! And I am following you on twitter now!!!

  57. Dennis Moore says:

    I love following Tastefully Simple

  58. Rose Maier says:

    I love the Chocolate pound cake and the Hawaiian marinade.

  59. Dennis Moore says:

    I LOVE Tastefully Simple

  60. Kellie Russo says:

    Fiesta Party Mix – but there are soooo many tasty looking treats!

  61. Garlic garlic and onion onion are MUST HAVES!!

  62. selena giannakaris says:

    I love the dill pickle mix. YUM!!

  63. Norms Howdyshell says:

    OH My Chai is my favorite :)

  64. Debbie Gonzalez says:

    My favorite….seasoning salt & next in line…wahoo chilli seasoning

  65. Tammy Dishman says:

    I love all the Tastefully Simple products! I especially love the fruit dips!!

  66. Jennifer F says:

    love love the Blueberry Pineapple Margarita Mix and we use, pretty much every day, the Italian Garlic bread seasoning.

  67. katie dehesa says:

    the Bayou Bourbon Glaze!!!! soo good on so many things and good with crackers!! :)

  68. The seasonings- Onion Onion, Garlic Garlic, Ultimate Steak, & Season Salt

  69. Andrea Posey says:

    Spinach and herb dip mix.

  70. Perfectly potato cheddar soup mix.

  71. Anna Cecco says:

    We love the Simply Salsa.

  72. I love bacon bacon!

  73. My other two favorite products are garlic garlic and cheese chive ball it was perfect for the beer bread with a bowl of tomato soup!!

  74. Shannon Jaeger says:

    Samba Sangria Mix and Absolutely Almond Pound Cake! YUM!!

  75. Christine Garcia says:

    The garlic garlic is fantastic and so useful! I usually buy the wheat bear bread because it is my absolute favorite! Thank you so much!!

  76. Southwest Seasoning mix is my favorite thing! I haven’t bought taco seasoning in almost 2 years. :)

  77. Stacy Aldrich says:

    i love all tastefully simple products, and some of my favorites are: i love the berry smoothie powder, and the garlic garlic

  78. tarri forest says:

    Almond pound cake

  79. Fiesta Party Dip!

  80. Theresa Cahalan says:

    My favorite is all the wonderful spices. I can’t live with out any of them. Garlic Garlic.

  81. Bonnie Gay says:

    So many things I love it’s hard to pick a favorite. never had something that I did not love!

  82. Carmen Amaro says:

    I am a true believer of everything Tastefully Simple and I have a stocked pantry to prove it! My all time favorite is the bountiful beer bread paired with the garlic garlic dip! Always a household favorite!

  83. casey kennedy says:

    I just love the fiesta dip mix and almond pound cake

  84. Mary M Clark says:

    Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix in the crock pot with potatoes and ham makes the best ever scalloped potatoes and the Dill mix makes some delicious cold tuna salad

  85. Clearly I LOVE all of the products. My All-Time Favorite would have to be Bayou Bourbon!

  86. SHelly Olson says:

    Key Lime cheeseball!

  87. Sarah Larrison says:

    I love the dill pickle dip and the lemonade fruit dip.

  88. Tina Altman says:

    I love everything I’ve bought so far! Beer bread is a winner in my house. I use the garlic garlic often!

  89. Laura Patton says:

    I love the Absolutely Almond Pound Cake (made with crushed pineapple) and the Cinnamon Muffin Melts. YUM

  90. Dill pickle or garlic garlic!

  91. Ellen March says:

    I love bacon bacon dip and almond pound cake . I made almond pound cake cookies and they were awesome also .

  92. Amanda Hobbs says:

    I am IN LOVE with the Chunky Artichoke Dip Starter. All you have to do is mix it with cream cheese! No waiting time for baking or chilling!

  93. Liked the page

  94. Carla Bailey says:

    Following on Twitter, Liked on Facebook and now onto the good stuff – my faves are Garlic Garlic and Seasoned Salt. But there are many many others too!!! Thanks!

  95. My favorite is the Lemonade dip. I followed on Twitter and Facebook!!

  96. Melissa G says:

    So hard to choose just one product, but my entire family is in love with the garlic garlic! It works great as a dip, in soups in dressings and so much more! :) I did like the facebook page who says nothing is for free. :)

  97. Amanda Hobbs says:

    Post #2… following on Twitter! The Absolutely Almond Pound Cake is amazing. Melt down chocolate chips and add to the batter… swirl and bake for a marble cake!

  98. Key Lome Cheeseball
    Liked your page on Facebook, following @tastefullysimpl

  99. My current 2 favorite products are the sweet jalapeno jam (delicious on sandwiches!) and the seasoning salt (delicious on everything, especially cucumbers and french fries!) :)

  100. Garlic Garlic!

  101. Jamie Mathews says:

    I love Bacon Bacon and Seasoned salt, and Fiesta Party Dip

  102. Erica Sluder says:

    So Hard TO CHOOSE! Household favorite is the Spinach and Herb Dip Mix…and Seasoned Salt (goes on EVERYTHING)! I love TS :)

  103. My favorite is the Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip mix!

  104. Jeanette Clark says:

    Beer Cheese Soup!

  105. Christine Pereira says:

    I love the Sangria mix. I use it frozen AND as a drink! Works well if I have an impromtu get together!

  106. Jennifer Boggs says:

    I live the Twisty Grahams, Almond Pound cake and Very Cherry Cheeseball.

  107. Jennifer Boggs says:

    Liked you on Facebook !!!!

  108. Definitely Garlic Garlic!

  109. Jennifer Mackey says:

    Everyday Grilling Seasoning is the best!

  110. Lynn Riggs says:

    I love the Spinach & Herb dip mix. Makes an awesome spread and cheeseball!

  111. Delores Mann says:

    The Almond pound cake is my favourite. I am already following on Facebook. Please pick me!

  112. Terra Johnson says:

    Onion Onion

  113. Kerry Croft says:

    We love Tastefully Simple!! We use Fiesta Party Dip mix in almost everything to add a little kick! Liked this page on Facebook!

  114. LaRey Olson says:

    I’m in love with sooo much so hard to pick – ill go with the bacon bacon, i use it on everything!!

  115. LaRey Olson says:

    I “Liked” whosaidnothinginlifeisfree on Facebook

  116. I’m in love with the garlic seasoning mmm mm and the pound bread. Can’t wait to either host a part myself or go to one. Yum yum. Also heading to your Facebook page now to like it.

  117. Dianne LaBombard says:

    Bacon Bacon, Garlic Garlic.
    Liked and Following :)

  118. laura kyle says:

    Nanas apple cake

  119. laura kyle says:

    Liked and following

  120. Dawn Hutson says:

    Love the Absolutely Almond Pound Cake..delicious as is or a coconut cake!!

  121. Courtney brill says:

    I LOVE everything soooo much but i would have to say the lemonade fruit dip is pretty amazing!

  122. Liked your FB page and would love to win! I think my two favorite products are the spinach and herb or season salt!

  123. Beth Stack says:

    I LOVE the very cherry cheeseball!

  124. nana’s apple cake! Can’t wait for apple picking season

  125. following on twitter @piper1721

  126. liked your page too

  127. Deborah Baskin says:

    Love the Nana’s Apple Cake Mix. You can use it in so many different ways.

  128. Stephanie Howell says:

    I can not live without the Garlic Garlic seasoning!!!

  129. Kelly F Kerley says:

    liked your page. love the dill pickle mix and nana’s apple cake

  130. The key lime cheese ball is my all time favorite! I could eat the whole thing in one sitting of I let myself.

  131. Amanda Nuscis says:

    I love the Chai Bread and Potato Soup! :)

  132. Kelly F Kerley says:

    follow on Twitter my un is KerleyGirl14

  133. liked your fb page

  134. lisa mcfarland says:

    chocolate pound cake and guacamole mix – plus all of the spices

  135. Melissa Sommers says:

    Simply Salsa Mix is my favorite go to product!

  136. Melissa Sommers says:

    liked your facebook page

  137. Melissa Sommers says:

    liked your facebook page

  138. Laura Larson says:

    I loved the Lemon Blueberry Cake. Our family favorite is the Almond Pound Cake and my husband loves cooking with all the spices.

  139. Ginny Fillman says:

    Love the Potato Cheddar Soup and Seasoned Salt.

  140. Sandi Lomnicky says:

    Followed on Twitter(@SandiLomnicky), liked your FB page….
    Italian Garlic Bread Seasoning is my favorite!!

  141. The almond pound cake!

  142. Caren Messina says:

    I love all the products~ but to pick one: almond pound cake!

  143. Catherine Reed says:

    I love he Pomegranate Chipolte Sauce. The meat is so tender when I use it as a marinade.

  144. My ultimate favorite TS product is the Nana’s Apple Cake. So yummy on a fall day!

  145. Stephanie Howell says:

    Along with stating that my favorite TS product is Garlic Garlic – I have also “liked” your fan page on facebook! :)

  146. Toni Czerwinski says:


  147. Stephanie Stonebraker says:

    I love the Rhubarb Strawberry jam! It is the best…on everything!

  148. Stephanie Stonebraker says:

    I also liked your fan page on facebook!

  149. joslrobe85 says:

    beer bread and any of the soups

  150. I love the cheese balls! Right now the key lime sounds good :)

  151. cindy appleman says:

    love tastefully simple products
    chocolate pound cake and smores snack mix

  152. Kathy Nutting says:

    Twisty grahams, of course!!!

  153. Heather Hernandez says:

    My favorite is Fiesta Party Mix!!!!

  154. Renee Kadish says:

    I love Garlic Garlic & Onion Onion

  155. deanna hanson says:

    any of the pound cakes sound goodm but probably chocolate

  156. Karen Svercek says:

    Love them all, but if I had to choose a favorite Tastefully Simple product(s) it would be all of the dry seasonings. (Garlic Garlic, Onion Onion, etc) I use them in everything I cook.

  157. Amanda Atkinson says:

    Oh JeeZ What Is There Not To Like. I Love The Dill Pickle Dip And Honey Apple GRill Sauce

  158. Brandi sheesley says:

    ***Fugde truffle brownie mix

  159. Dawn Washburn says:

    One of my favorites… Very Cherry Cheese Ball with Twisty Grahams.

  160. Brandi sheesley says:

    liked on FB :-)

  161. Amanda Atkinson says:

    I Also Liked The WhoSaidnothingInlifeisfree On fb

  162. Karen Svercek says:

    “Liked” you on Facebook

  163. Dawn Washburn says:

    Favorite #2 (following on twitter)… Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip

  164. Dawn Washburn says:

    Favorite #3 (following your FB page) Oh My! Chai. I could drink that continuously :)

  165. Heather Carter says:

    My favorite of all time is the Key Lime cheesecake! Yummers!

  166. I love the Apple Cake mix…just add diced apples and bake! Delicious.

  167. beer bountiful bread mix and dried tomato and pesto

  168. Virginia Williams says:

    I love love love the Fiesta dip !!! And macaroons. I liked on Facebook too !!!

  169. Virginia Williams says:

    fdI liked on Facebook !!!!!

  170. Almond poundcake is awesome. I swirl it with chocolate for a marble cake. Recipe is on the box.

  171. Gina Haynes says:

    I love the pesto spice mix and the fiesta one. You can do so much with them

  172. The ultimate steak seasoning blew me away!! I used it more than my seasoned salt which I would put in everything! Love it!!!!

  173. Cindy O'Neill says:

    My favorite is the Classic Chocolate Pound Cake!!! yUm!!!

  174. Nancy Fondrk says:

    I love almost everything that Tastefully Simple offers, but my very favorite is the Sugar and Spice Chai Bread, closely followed by Coconut Pineapple Beer Bread made from the online recipe!

  175. I love the Almound Pound Cake and Sugar and Spice Chai Bread <3

  176. Garlic Garlic is my favorite and I liked whosaidnothingisfreeinlife on facebook

  177. Angie Lewis says:

    It’s all good,but if I have to choose it would be the Seasoning Salt.Simply perfect in and on everything!

  178. Hands down garlic garlic!!!! THE BEST!

  179. now following @tastefullysimpl on Twitter and ‘liked’ whosaidnothinginlifeisfree on Facebook :)

  180. Kathy Guidry says:

    bourbon sauce

  181. Erin Hill says:

    I love everything, but I can not live without my spices……Seasoned Salt, Garlic Garlic & Onion Onion!!!

  182. Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce, and Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix. Could not choose between the two!

  183. Lisa Nydam says:

    My favorite Tastefully Simple product is the Seasoned salt. All natural and made with sea salt, I use it every day! I liked whosaidnothinginlifeisfree on Facebook . thank you

  184. Jennifer Greiner says:

    I love sweet pepper jalapeno jam!!!!

  185. Fiesta Dip! (goes great with the Beer Bread)

  186. ** Liked on Facebook as well 😀 **

  187. Love the beer bread made with chopped candied fruit and Mt. Dew instead of beer. And I “liked” facebook (*_*)

  188. like on FB

  189. cosmo drink bucket

  190. Joyce St Clair says:

    Dill Pickle Mix

  191. Holly Daub says:

    My favorite 2 products would be the Bayou Bourbon Glaze and Dill Pickle Dip Mix.

  192. Dawn Kerske says:

    Garlic Garlic seasoning is the best!

  193. vickie kamerik says:

    so many choices!
    lemomberry cake with icing

  194. vickie kamerik says:

    i liked it on FB

  195. SO many to choose from… I love the Spinach & Artichoke warm dip though!

  196. I like you on FB!

  197. Following @tastefullysimpl on twitter!

  198. Fudge truffle brownie mix

  199. follow @tastefullysimpl on twitter

  200. “Like” whosaidnothinginlifeisfree on Facebook

  201. Toffee coffee drink mix :)

  202. Like you on facebook

  203. Valerie Atwell says:

    Honey Apple Grill Sauce

  204. almond pound cake

  205. I love the Classy Chocolate Pound Cake. I liked your page on FB also.

  206. Susan Christy says:

    I would like to try the Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix.

  207. Susan Christy says:

    Like you on FB

  208. Jennifer S R says:

    I love their dip mixes.

  209. Jennifer S R says:

    I follow you on facebook.

  210. Lily Kwan says:

    The Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix looks very tasty!

  211. Lily Kwan says:

    I follow @tastefullysimpl on Twitter under the username likwan.

  212. Lily Kwan says:

    I follow you on Facebook under the username likwan.

  213. We love Garlic Garlic!

  214. Facebook fan

  215. Email subscriber- iheartcoupons4 at gmail.com