Finish Detergent or Rinse Try Me Free Rebate


Check your SmartSource insert from today (10/20) for a Free Finish product rebate…

Purchase either Finish Quantum (10 ct), Finish Powerball/Gelpacs (7 ct, 12 ct or 20 ct) and/or Finish Rinse Aid (8.5 oz) between 10/20/13 and 11/16/13 and get your money back  (up to $4.50 on each).

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  1. Hi Amy I was reading the rebate and you can get a rebate for the 2 products . Am I correct?

  2. I did a peelie try me free a few months ago. Am I allowed to do this one–I think I am because this one has specific purchase dates, etc. Any one know?

    • Would you happen to know the address on that last one… if they are different you can definitely do it but I would think you can if the purchase dates are different

  3. It’s been 8 weeks… rebate yet :(

    • I had totally forgotten about the rebate. To my surprise I got the check for $9.49 today.

    • purchases products 3/18/14 and mailed rebate right away. Never received
      anything and when I called I was given an address to resend it. This is
      July and still haven’t received even a message. I now see the same rebate
      in the Sunday paper and wonder how many other people have been
      ripped off.

  4. Linda Cahoon says:

    Sent my rebate in on September 3, 2013 and have not received or heard from the rebate center. Today is November 9, 2013. 9+ weeks and the rebate said allow 6-8 weeks. First time I have not received a rebate that I submitted.

  5. Phyllis Frangione says:

    I have not received my rebate which was mailed in September 9, 2013

  6. I also sent in my rebate and have yet to receive anything from them. I cannot find where to check the status either.

    • I mail by rebate on 11/12/2013 and have not received anything as well. I am trying today to find a phone number to give them a call. I always notice with rebates if you give them a call you will end up getting your check after the call. If I find a number I will let you know.


  7. I found the phone number and website for the “Finish”, Try Me Free. Their phone number is 1-800-228-4722. Of course the person that answer the phone said they had a big response and with the Holiday’s that if I did not received my check by the second week of Jan. 2014. To give them a call back and they would do an investigation. Of course I sent my rebate out in the mail on 11/12/2013. I hope this information helps everyone out.

    Betsy from Virginia

  8. I still have not received a check and I mailed mine near the end of October.

  9. I mailed mine on Nov 12; my sister mailed hers the same day. Mine hasn’t arrived; just called my sister & hers hasn’t arrived either. Offer said to allow 6-8 weeks. Ours is just over 8 weeks, but it is still a negative customer experience when they don’t live up to their offer.

  10. did not receive rebate either, just will not buy product in future

  11. Heather says:

    Get a life. Quit complaining and tracking dates over $9. I am sure that many of you have received your rebate checks by now. Only, now no one wants to share – just complain. Still, you got the products.

  12. Robert King says:

    used your coupon on 3/20/14 . bought necessary products,
    mailed in coupon. receipt, item circled to finish try me free
    grand rapids, mn on 3/21 . no response.
    if you expect people to use your product and coupon
    you should stand behind your coupon .
    I will not buy your product again .

    • please contact the company with your concerns… I am just a blogger who posted about the rebate so I have no way of making this right for you

  13. How does one follow up on a rebate that was never reimbursed? I submitted all required information, UPCs, etc and complied with all dates and it’s been more than 6-8 weeks, and no check yet. How can you check in on a rebate when the supplier gives no contact info?

    • I am just a blogger who posted about the rebate… I have no connections with the company whatsoever

  14. deborah Hull says:

    Still no refund over 8 weeks

  15. Sent my rebate 4/10/14 its now 7/1/14 and NO REBATE. If they can’t keep up they shouldnt have rebates. Maybe ill try Cascade next time

  16. jacquelyn says:

    I just called them right now because i mailed mine in on 3/19/2014 and she said they received over a half million submissions and they are processing my check, allow about 4 more weeks

  17. sentmy rebate in 3/31/14 purchased between 3/16/14 and 4/12/14 postmarked by 5/31/14 did not receive anything back .PObox 22399 Grand Rapids, MN 55745 Can anyone help me on when I will receive my Rebate.

  18. Kathryn Wahl says:

    Recieved my rebate check in the mail today only to find that you have my name entirely wrong…..and on the back it says in large type Positive I.D. required…now this poses a problem.The post card like check has the number 513004 on it but it is useless to me…..would like to hear from someone on how to address this. You have the name Karhryn Wahn on this ……….today’s date is Aug.8, 2014. Waiting to hear from someone on this issue.

    • you need to contact the company and not me… I am just a blogger who posted about the rebate for my readers


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