Finish Detergent or Rinse Try Me Free Rebate


Check your SmartSource insert from today (10/20) for a Free Finish product rebate…

Purchase either Finish Quantum (10 ct), Finish Powerball/Gelpacs (7 ct, 12 ct or 20 ct) and/or Finish Rinse Aid (8.5 oz) between 10/20/13 and 11/16/13 and get your money back  (up to $4.50 on each).

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  1. Hi Amy I was reading the rebate and you can get a rebate for the 2 products . Am I correct?

  2. I did a peelie try me free a few months ago. Am I allowed to do this one–I think I am because this one has specific purchase dates, etc. Any one know?

    • Would you happen to know the address on that last one… if they are different you can definitely do it but I would think you can if the purchase dates are different

  3. It’s been 8 weeks… rebate yet :(

  4. Linda Cahoon says:

    Sent my rebate in on September 3, 2013 and have not received or heard from the rebate center. Today is November 9, 2013. 9+ weeks and the rebate said allow 6-8 weeks. First time I have not received a rebate that I submitted.

  5. Phyllis Frangione says:

    I have not received my rebate which was mailed in September 9, 2013

  6. I also sent in my rebate and have yet to receive anything from them. I cannot find where to check the status either.

    • I mail by rebate on 11/12/2013 and have not received anything as well. I am trying today to find a phone number to give them a call. I always notice with rebates if you give them a call you will end up getting your check after the call. If I find a number I will let you know.


  7. I found the phone number and website for the “Finish”, Try Me Free. Their phone number is 1-800-228-4722. Of course the person that answer the phone said they had a big response and with the Holiday’s that if I did not received my check by the second week of Jan. 2014. To give them a call back and they would do an investigation. Of course I sent my rebate out in the mail on 11/12/2013. I hope this information helps everyone out.

    Betsy from Virginia

  8. I still have not received a check and I mailed mine near the end of October.

  9. I mailed mine on Nov 12; my sister mailed hers the same day. Mine hasn’t arrived; just called my sister & hers hasn’t arrived either. Offer said to allow 6-8 weeks. Ours is just over 8 weeks, but it is still a negative customer experience when they don’t live up to their offer.

  10. did not receive rebate either, just will not buy product in future

  11. Heather says:

    Get a life. Quit complaining and tracking dates over $9. I am sure that many of you have received your rebate checks by now. Only, now no one wants to share – just complain. Still, you got the products.


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