Get Grounded Footwear Introduces Women’s Groundals


After four years of research and development, Get Grounded Footwear™ knows that the shoes we wear keep us electrically disconnected from the Earth and the solution is right under our feet.  The company has unveiled its first-ever mobile grounding product, women’s Groundals®.

This made-in-the-USA shoe utilizes a proprietary technology to replicate the benefits of walking barefoot with added protection, comfort and style. Grounding, or ‘earthing’ as it is also known, is an ancient science founded on the belief that people who place non-conductive barriers between themselves and the ground lack the healing power of the Earth’s energy. While our natural state is grounded, modern-day habits insulate us from the Earth’s energy.  When the body is grounded, it readjusts, creating a physiological balance by allowing the body to absorb millions of what are called ‘free electrons’ from the earth’s surface.

The benefits of grounding, which make Groundals® the ideal casual footwear option for active women seeking a healthy lifestyle, include:

  • A better balanced body
  • Speedier recovery from physical activity or athletics
  • Enhanced overall vitality

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Women’s ‘Groundals®’ are now available in three colors in a comfortable flip-flop design.  Choose between black, silver or gold in sizes 4.5 to 10.


I received a pair of the black Women’s Groundals® and have been wearing them to take the dog for a walk each night for the past couple weeks.  I love that they are so comfortable and give really good support while I walk.  This has been a great way to ground myself at the end of each day !

You can purchase Women’s Groundals® right now for $49.99 from GetGroundedFootwear.comThe launch of the Ion Man® slip-on men’s sandal is expected soon along with a wider variety of women’s colors and styles.

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