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Parli-Cards carries a great line of educational games that make learning fun.  Learn about government, presidents, law, DC, the Senate and more.


I received the SpeakTXT game which tests your text abbreviation skills.  There are 3 levels or cards including parent (easy), student (medium) and Hipster (difficult).  Kaley and I played together and we both knew almost all of the parent cards and most of the student ones but the hipster cards were really hard.  I guess we don’t know text abbreviations very well.


I also received the US Presidents & Founding Fathers game which includes playing cards, question cards, chips, dice, game board, score pad and instructions.  This game would be perfect for homeschooling families.  History was never a strong subject for me but I played with Kyle and he pretty much killed me in it.

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  1. Thanks for the nice review! I’m glad you like our games. Mary Jo

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