Good Deal on Loom Band Kits


Right now you can get your choice of one of the ever popular Loom Bands Kits 

Choose from 3 options:

  • $9 for 1,200 bands with 48 clips and loom hook
  • $12 for a kit with loom board, 1,200 bands, 48 clips and loom hook
  • $14 for a kit with board, 1,800 bands, 48 clips and loom hook

All come with free shipping (Order by 12/8 for Christmas delivery)

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  1. Rachel B. says:

    I have never used this site before so I had no idea that it was not like making a regular internet purchase. Now I have a save voucher and I have not a clue what to do with it? I just want the product lol

    • open the voucher and see what it says… some of them do just order the product when you buy the voucher and others you have to go to the site and submit your shipping info and voucher number. I already bought my kids a loom kit so I didn’t purchase this deal so I don’t know how this particular deal works but I have bought MANY MANY MANY deals from eversave before and never had issues

  2. I searched their site and I think I figured it out on the voucher it says under “save details” that the product will automatically sent to shipping address provided during checkout on Eversave! Thank you for your help. I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet lol :)

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