Holiday Gift Guide for Pets 2014


Looking for some great gifts to give your pet this holiday season?
Check out the fabulous ideas below…


BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for your pets. Choose the box for your dogs size, choose how often you would like it delivered and wait for a box full of pet goodies to arrive on your doorstep.

I received a bark box for my dogs and it contained 2 toys, a bag of chicken jerky, a canister of dog treats, a pack of Cool Treats smoothies for dogs and a duck chew stick. Each month the products will change so your dogs will never get bored.

The Creative Home Marble Double Diners is the perfect gift for your pet. This food bowl set comes in a nice quality marble base and contains 2 removable metal bowls for food and water. This is an elegant way to display your pet bowls while also being functional.

You can find these bowls at,, and

The Tuggo Dog Toy is a great gift to get for your dog to keep them entertained. It is a 10 inch ball connected with 4 foot rope. You add water inside the ball to weight it down (up to 20 lbs when completely full) which allows your dog to play tug-o-war with you, a friend or even alone. Your dog can also pull it around which promotes exercise and builds muscle. When played with, it makes a sloshing sound which keeps dogs interested in it.

You can buy Tuggo on or

TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ are a delicious cat treat innovatively designed for owners to toss and roll, which instantly gets playtime rolling and encourage cats to “Play Ball.” They come in two tantalizing flavor combinations - Tasty Chicken & Turkey and Savory Salmon & Tuna – and are available now nationwide at mass retail, grocery and pet stores for a suggested retail price of $1.89 for a 2.47 oz. bag. For more information, visit

ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies are all-natural dog biscuits which are oven-baked with organic whole grains and protein-packed jerky chips. These wholesome, meaty treats are made with organic oatmeal, organic barley, organic brown rice, organic oat flour -- and protein-packed with jerky chips from high quality proteins like chicken, salmon, beef or lamb.

You can find Organix Jerky Chip Cookies at PetSmart, PetCo, and other pet retailers nationwide for a SRP of $7.99

Complete oral care is important for your dog’s total body health and can add years to their lifespan. GREENIES Canine Dental Chews are proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Designed for daily treating, our dental chews are low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs.

You can find GREENIES on and at PetSmart, Pet Supermarket and other retailers nationwide.

Halo Pet Food and treats are made from natural ingredients and digestive enzymes to enhance the well-being of pets and the people who love them. Halo strives to help pets and their families live longer, happier, healthier lives together. Their premium quality ingredients and commitment to holistic pet care separate them from many other pet care companies.

Plus when you choose Halo, they feed it forward by donating over 1.5 million meals to shelter pets annually. You can purchase Halo pet food and treats at Whole Foods, Petco and other retailers nationwide.

iLeesh’s retractable leashes allow pet parents to keep their pet secure while simultaneously declaring their love for their dog’s breed. Unlike most retractable leashes that utilize thin cords, the iLeesh retractable leash uses a high-intensity soft nylon belt to protect pets from painful rope burns or cuts. The leashes are available in more than 70 breeds, 3 different color combinations (pink, black or turquoise) and 2 different sizes – Medium (16’ long, for dogs up to 44 lbs) and Large (9’ long, for dogs up to 100 lbs).

The company also offers customizable tote bags, keychains, iPhone cases, car air fresheners, car decals, mouse pads and t-shirts, all available in a wide variety of dog breeds.

Newman's Own Organics takes premium treats one step further by offering Dog Treats, made with Natural and Organic ingredients, that are high in protein, naturally preserved and contain no wheat or corn, no artificial colors or flavor enhancers, and are free of added hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives. Available in 5 great flavors: Peanut Butter, Chicken, Cheese, Turkey & Sweet Potato or Salmon & Sweet Potato.

Also their Snack Sticks are a great everyday, soft dog treat that's also great for training. They are made with all natural and organic ingredients with no wheat or corn and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Madison Rugs carries several rugs that are perfect to place under pet bowls. However, these are not cheaply made rugs at all. I absolutely love how they are made and I picked out the Doggie Bones Embroidery rug and could not be any happier. The large blank space in the middle of this rug is perfect for personalizing! Get your pooch's name embroidered on it and make it unique. What is even better about these rugs is that they are machine washable so once your dogs get them messy, you can easily wash it.

Neater Feeder is the perfect product to help eliminate messy water spills from pets drinking from their bowl. They come in multiple sizes including cat, small, medium or large to fit your pets needs. I chose the medium size which seems to be perfect for the variety of pets we have in our house. You can GO HERE to see what size is best for your pets.

Choose between the brown/tan color or a burgundy/tan option.

GoDog is a fun lovin' brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard™ technology. Chew Guard offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. goDog toys are bright and colorful! Plus their ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear! These plush toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise.


The Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball is a kick-to-play toy featuring an inverted welt making pickup easy for dogs of most sizes, featuring a puncure resistant foam core.

Chuckit! Launchers are a total revolution in fetch technology, designed for hands-free ball pickup without bending over, and throws the ball 3 times farther than you can with your arm.

Plus, the popular ChuckIt is about to glow in the dark. From the launcher, ball to flying discs, the LED feature allows dogs to play fetch into the night as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. They are easy to see and you can even recharge them with the light from your cell phone.

Thinking of getting a puppy this Christmas? Or do you have an older dog that has mobility or incontinence issues? Then the Puppy Pad wizard is a must have item. This is the perfect way to dispose of your soiled puppy pads in a convenient and odor-free way. Unlike other systems, the Puppy Pad Wizard was designed and made solely for dogs. Disposing of used puppy pads has always been a dirty chore – until now ! The odor remains inside the Puppy Pad Wizard where it belongs. With the push of a button, the Puppy Pad Wizard refresh spray kills any lingering odors and keeps things fresh. The refresh spray and bags don’t use fragrance to mask the smell, they work to neutralize it.

Starter set includes Fire Hydrant Puppy Pad Wizard unit, Puppy Pad Wizard bags and Puppy Pad Wizard Refresh

Evanger's Premium Dog Food puts a whole, unground piece of beef in a can and cooks it. Their Hand-Packed Specialties are processed as to maintain the shape and nutrition of each recipe's contents - whether it is a whole fish dinner or choice chicken parts supplement. The cooking process softens those recipes with bones - making them edible, safe, wholesome and highly digestible. Their fresh, natural and superior ingredients (no by-products) ensure quality on a human-grade level.

It is available at 5000 locations and you can find a store that sells it near you HERE


The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate I changing the cat play category by incorporating real-world understanding of cats and their natural instincts. The line provides the tools and building blocks for pet families to create the ideal cat play experience for a wide variety of feline personalities. It was developed by cat expert and star of “My Cat From Hell” Jackson Galaxy. This line of cat toys is based on his years of expertise and caters to specific needs and instincts of cats, such as an air prey versus a ground prey preference. They feature a variety of wands, toys, scratchers, tunnels and tents to cater to the ideal cat environment. You can choose from great pet gifts like the Go Fish™ puzzle toy, the Comfy Cocoon, the Galaxy Spiral, the Galaxy Wands and more !

Go Dog Bedzzz - goDog® BedZzz™ are made to stand up to tough love! These SOFT and DURABLE beds are made with Chew Guard Technology™, a proprietary process that adds a tear-resistant mesh lining to all of our products. We're so sure that these BedZzz™ will stand up to your pup that we GUARANTEE them!

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