DIY Glass Glitter Ornaments Using a Silhouette Machine


Ok so I am now addicted to making these glass glitter ornaments and will be going to the store to get more glass ornaments very soon.  I absolutely LOVE how they turned out and have so many more ideas for more.  I am going to do each family member’s name next !!! I am really getting so much use out of my Silhouette Machine

FullSizeRender (2)

For the Nativity Ornament you will need:


  1. Remove the metal top of the ornament and set aside
  2. Pour a small amount of floor finish into the ornament and swish it around to coat all sides
  3. Pour excess back into the bottle and turn upside down until all excess has dripped out (I only wait about 5 min)
  4. Pour fine glitter into ornament using a funnel.  Make sure you coat all sides of the ornament and pour out excess.
  5. Place the metal lid back on (being careful not to scratch off the glitter with the metal prongs)
  6. Now, go into the Silhouette online store and download design #52457.
  7. Bring in the design into the studio and shrink it down to about 2.5 by 2.5 inches
  8. Cut your vinyl and peel off extra unwanted pieces
  9. Lay on your transfer paper
  10. Center the design onto the ornament and press down (You may need to manually move some of the pieces that don’t lay down flat due to the ornament being round/oval.

These are just so much fun to make and would make great gifts for teachers, family and friends !!! The possibilities are endless.

jack skeleton

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  1. vickie kamerik says:

    I love the Grinch! can you make kaley a hello kitty one?
    I really am more interested in the cricut with each and everything that you are showing us!
    you rock! maybe I can save u for one after Christmas is over……….got to deal with the kids first.
    keep showing us all the fun things,i love to see them!

  2. vickie kamerik says:

    I not only pinned this to my pinterest ,but I made a whole new board for it…….just to keep the stuff you post,incase I ever get a cricut in the futre I will be ready for it!

  3. Where did you get the vinyl pattern for the grinch? I can’t find it on the silhouette site.

  4. Could u use plastic ornaments?

  5. Thank you for offering to send me the grinch pattern. When I checked my email it didn’t come through. Could you please send it again. I really love you’re cute idea and already made the other one.:)

  6. Sherry Wolfe says:

    Please share the Grinch cut pattern

  7. Would love to jump on the Grinch ornament train too. Can you please send the cut pattern for it, as well as the Nightmare Before Christmas character? Super cute :)

  8. Ellen Mangione says:

    Could I possibly have the Grinch pattern? My granddaughter and I love the Grinch. I have the village and a 4 foot tall Grinch that stands by the tree. I made her and her brother Grinch pj pants last year and she watches the Grinch movie all year long. And she’s only 4! If you can do that, I would really appreciate it.

  9. I’d love both the Grinch and the Nightmare Before Christmas files also please. Thanks so much!

  10. Love them! Can’t wait to try. Could I possibly get the grinch pattern too?

  11. I have been searching everywhere for the Grinch pattern. Would you please email me the pattern also? It’s just so cute! I have a new grandson and I want to make him a new ornament every year. This would be the perfect ornament to start the collection

  12. Is it too late to get the Grinch pattern along with the Nightmare Before Christmas? These are by far the cutest ornaments I’ve seen.

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  20. I would LOVE the Ninja Turtle pattern. I am trying to trace a coloring page and it just isn’t coming out like I want. LOVE yours! Thanks!

  21. Lori Miller says:

    May I please get both the grinch and Jack Skeleton file? My daughter is doing her tree in Nightmare before Christmas theme and I would love to make a few of these for her. Got to make a few of the grinch as well. Thank You!

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  23. Sharra Clark says:

    Oh how cute! Could I get the Grinch and the Jack files please. I have a dear friend that would love to get them as a gift.

  24. These are beautiful! would love the Grinch,ninja turtles, and the nightmare before Christmas files too if that’s okay. Your work is wonderful!

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  26. Adreanna Tarwater says:

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  34. These are wonderful. I’d also love the Grinch (and Jack Skellington) if you have the time. Thanks for sharing your creations!

  35. Lisa Bennett says:

    These ornaments are absolutely adorable! I’d like to have the Grinch and Jack pattern too. I know my nephews would love these! Thank you so much for sharing your creations!

  36. Would you mind sharing the grinch file? I’ve got my silhouette and vinyl ready to go!
    And thank you so much for sharing!

  37. clould I please have the grinch file? Thanks

  38. Would also love to have the Grinch file too!! Thank you!

  39. Kim McFalls says:

    Would. Love the TMNT and Grinch file. Willing to purchase.

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  42. Gina Roach says:

    Is is too late for you to send me the grinch file?

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  45. Christine says:

    Thanks for the cut files! What did you use for the yellow in Grinch’s eyes? I haven’t seen any yellow vinyl in the stores.

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  47. Ell Sowdeen says:

    love your ornaments. Could you please share your Grinch file with me. It’s awesome!

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  50. May I get the Grinch pattern also? I just ordered the Silhouette Portrait and this is the first project I am doing! Happy Holidays!

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    Merry Christmas! Nancy

  54. Hello,
    Thanks for the tutorial. I’m going to make the Ninja Turtle ones for my goddaughter (she loves them!). Do you think it would work to use Mod Podge instead of floor finsh? I have a bunch of Mod Podge so I was just wondering if that might work. Thanks!

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  58. Hi Amy!

    If it’s at all possible, would you be able to email me the Grinch, TMNT and Jack Skellington files? Thank you so much for all of your help, your ornaments are adorable!

  59. Lisa Krupa says:

    Can I jump on the Grinch and Nightmare Before Christmas bandwagon? I would love those files too please :)
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  69. Anita Shaw says:

    I would love to have a copy of the above files. I would also be willing to pay for them. Thank you so much!

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  71. Barbara :-) says:

    You do amazing work. Thanks for sharing :-)
    I know my request comes after Christmas, but I too would love the Grinch and Jack files.
    Have you ever tried anything other than Quick Shine? I don’t own it do you know what else might work?
    Thanks again,

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  77. Hi. Just discovered your website and amazing projects. You have inspired me to step up my crafting. The ornaments are fantastic and I am searching for the glass ornaments. Are you still sharing the Grinch and TMNT designs? If so, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity.


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