DIY Valentine’s Glass Block with Lights


I am in LOVE with this new glass block that I made using my Silhouette. It will be added to my fireplace mantle along with other valentine’s Day décor.

What You Will Need:


  1. Prep your glass block by wiping it down with alcohol
  2. Download the Scalloped heart cute kiss design from the Silhouette store (#24908) and pull it up into your software
  3. Cut the design out from your red permanent vinyl
  4. Place transfer paper over the design and lift it off the vinyl backing
  5. Decide which side of the block you want your hole to be on (I chose the side this time so I can run a plug-in light strand out it if I get tired of replacing batteries in my battery operated one)
  6. Place the design onto your glass block making sure you center it correctly
  7. Spray your block with Rustoleum frost spray (if you want it to have a border like mine does, tape around the edges with duct tape before spraying)
  8. Remove duct tape if you did that step and place a light strand inside the block
  9. Hot glue a pretty bow on the top and enjoy !

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  1. I LOVE this idea, thanks for the inspiration

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