A Whole New Room Is A Whole New World

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It’s a new fantastic place to see! In all seriousness, if you style a room the right way from scratch it can feel like a brand new world in your home. It’s an exciting experience walking into it for the first time after it has been completed. You get to see how it looks as well as how it feels. You’ll be able to think about how much you’re going to enjoy this new place in your home and think about what guests are going to think of it. So how do you get started creating a new room design in your home? Well, first we need to think about the area of the house that you’re renovating. Let’s begin by looking at the bedroom and work our way through the house from there.

Designing An Awesome, Exciting Bedroom

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Back To Basics

Before, you start thinking about working on the design, consider what you want in your bedroom. These should be the bare essentials like a bed, curtains, a wardrobe, perhaps a dressing table? What else? The most likely answer is not very much at all. These features should be enough as a starting point. You can think about adding more at a later time. But, if you get your bedroom down to the bare essentials you’ll be starting off at the right place.

Now, we can think about the room environment. Do you want it to be light or dark? Don’t forget, this is going to change how your room looks and the colors that you choose to decorate with. If you want a light bedroom, you need to use light colors. It should be filled with bright creams and sunny yellows. For a darker room, you’ll be looking at deep purples and maroon reds.

Once you have chosen some colors, you can think about the flooring. Remember, stylish isn’t always practical. For instance, wooden floors may look stunning in your bedroom, but they will be loud to anyone downstairs. It’s also going to make the room a lot colder through the winter months. If you do have hardwood floors, you might at least want to add a few rugs to cushion the sound and provide some insulation.

As for the ceiling, it’s all about the light fixtures. The lights give the room an environment and a tone or feel. For instance, you can use dimmer lights to make your room sensual as well as relaxing. Spotlights are great if you want to accentuate the key features of the room.

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Styled To Stun

Now we have the basic environment, let’s think about filling it with stunning furniture and accessories. The bed is obviously the most important feature, so you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Choose a fantastic mattress that gives your back great support. You can get a memory foam mattress but don’t forget, firmer mattresses are better if you have a bad back. Of course, what really makes a bed is the pillows and the duvet. Do you want soft, medium or firm? It’s entirely your choice, and it’s all about matching your own level of comfort and style.

The curtains are important too because as well as being another stylish feature of your room, they need to be practical. You need to make sure they are keeping enough light out and enough warmth in. Otherwise, your bedroom isn’t going to be a particularly pleasant place to be.

Now, we can start to think about additional features such as a slim, thin TV on the opposite wall of the bed. Or, perhaps a wall fire. You may also want to add a little luxury to your bedroom with floor heaters and perhaps some fantastic furniture. Mix and match different accessories until you have the perfect new room for you.

How about now we head downstairs and look at another room change?

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Cool Kitchen

Perhaps the room you’re intent on changing is the kitchen? Maybe, you’re thinking about adding some awesome features and giving it a completely new look. It’s not a bad idea as a kitchen renovation is one of the best ways to add a lot of value to your home. Again, it’s all about thinking about what you need. Obviously, the answer here is a place to cook food, some great appliances and perhaps a place to eat if you don’t have a dining room.


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For your kitchen, it might be worth making tech your top priority. There are plenty of new pieces of tech on the market that can make your kitchen feel like a home haven. If you want to do this, you should start by looking at cooking tech like the oven and the hob. New ovens are self-cleaning and have slide away doors. The modern designs are perfect for space saving and reducing maintenance jobs in the kitchen. You can also think about adding other smart tech to your kitchen like a new fridge. These fridges are connected to the wifi in your home. So, they can send info to your phone and make sure you get everything you need in on the weekly shop.

If you’re looking to create a great place to eat morning meals as a family, a breakfast bar is your best option. While these can be expensive to build they look incredibly as the centerpiece of your kitchen. You can even add some lights overhead to make it truly shine and stand out. With a few stools around the bar, your kitchen can be chic and stylish.

As you can see then, it’s easy to create a new look for a room in your home. It doesn’t take long at all and the results and be truly amazing. You can see exactly what I mean in the picture below. It really can be like entering a whole new world. If you redecorate every area of your home, you won’t even recognize it by the end. It will feel larger, more modern and the perfect place for your family.

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