Fabulous Kitchen DIY Projects

Sometimes the time comes when we realize that our kitchens are badly in need of an upgrade. Kitchens have a habit of failing to meet our expectations, usually because we ask so much of them. They have to be functional, convenient and have space to fit all our stuff, which is easier said than done if you’re buying spiralizers and Nutri-Bullets every five minutes.

Here are some common DIY projects you can make a reality in your kitchen, usually on the cheap.

Use Up All Your Wall Space


If you’ve ever walked into a professional kitchen, you’ll have noticed pots and pans hanging on the walls and commonly used items, like pepper mills and lemon juicers sitting conveniently on shelving. It might look like chaos, but there’s a method to this madness. Having your own kitchen shelving, complete with hooks, is an excellent way to start organizing all your gear and make your kitchen more convenient. First, scout around your kitchen for an appropriate bare wall, free from things like kitchen cabinets. Then install a simple pre-made shelf, complete with braces. Underneath, drill hooks into the wall and hang your cookware for easy access.

Install A Concrete Island Worktop

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Fire restoration contractors are forever repairing damage to kitchens following uncontrolled blazes. This is one of the reasons why so many people are now looking for more durable hardware for their kitchens: they want something that can withstand anything they decide to throw at it. Regular PVC and wood worktops are okay, but concrete surfaces are practically indestructible. Installing a concrete worktop isn’t necessarily a difficult DIY project, although it could be time-consuming if you have to spend ages cutting it to size.

Install New Lighting


Nothing is worse than trying to cook in a poorly lit kitchen where you can hardly see what’s in front of you on the chopping board. That’s why so many modern, top-of-the-range kitchens come with fancy, under-cabinet lighting. Add new light sources that don’t require you to do electrical work yourself. This can be as simple as running fairy lights from a plug and underneath your kitchen cabinets, lighting your work surface.

Build Your Own Upcycled Seating

Have you seen a stool or a chair you really like in an antique shop or a second-hand store recently? Perhaps a neighbor has an old chair they’re desperate to get rid of but don’t want to take to the dump. These days, there’s huge demand for old furniture with good upcycling potential, as it can transform the kitchen.


One thing you could try is making your own breakfast bar, complete with matching stools. Grab some wood varnish from your local hardware store and coat the whole thing in multiple layers until it’s gone deep brown and the age of the item isn’t so obvious. Then tuck it under a fold-down table top on hinges, connected to your wall or your sideboard.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Fed up with your kitchen cabinets looking dull? Grab your paint brush and roller and give them a fresh coat. They’ll look brand new.

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